Kindred spirits

Yesterday after a mad day at work I headed to Oeno at the Westin for Ladies Night with two new friends of mine. We all work in the same company but in totally different divisions, I met S as we often have to arrange meetings with our bosses and N works in Creative and I met her on the metro shuttle bus – often joked about as the social hub of our company!

I immediately hit it off with both girls and felt sure they would like each other and I was proven right at our Frankie’s dinner the other day.  We had such a good time that then and there we made the plan to go out last night.  I was so glad that we actually followed through and did it. Often here people say ‘let’s meet’ but it never happens.  When all three of us actually made it on time I knew we were all like minded and keen to be friends.

Oeno does a terrific ladies night with great music and free wine and prosecco till 11 and it’s pretty free flowing!  The music had us on our feet dancing up a storm and the girls laughed that I knew all the words, seems I have a party trick after all!  We were able to talk about anything and everything which was great.  It was interesting that we all felt so at east with each other and able to be ourselves.  S said it was funny because to look at us you’d never guess we’d be friends, she was in a really chic pencil dress, N was in a fifties style really fun red and black polka dress and I had on leggings with pleated detailing and a long silver t-shirt.  We couldn’t have looked more different but we seem to share a similar outlook on life and the same moral values and let’s face it that’s what really matters!

It’s been great to meet two girls who really like each other and to be able to go and do girls nights out and really have fun.  I do have a lot of lovely girlfriends here but they don’t all know each other – which is good for a drama free life but rather puts paid to the whole girls night thing.  I didn’t really think I had missed that but last night was so fun and I have to admit there is something to be said for letting your hair down with good mates.  Plus once my bestie finally returns to Abu Dhabi she will love these two so we can be a happy little group.

All three of us agreed that we are a good gang and that we all know how to have a good time whilst being responsible enough to be in bed at a sensible time!  At the end of the night I raised a toast to new friends who feel like old friends, and the others agreed!

I am already looking forward to next time…


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