Friends old and new

On Monday I drove all the way to Abu Dhabi (without getting lost – a miracle!!) to see my best friend and have a sleep over.  It actually is the most boring drive ever because it’s just a straight road that I thought would NEVER end…the only upside to this is I could sing to my tunes as I wasn’t worried about getting lost!  On the way I decided to stop at Yas Mall to kill time before meeting T as she was still working – the whole not getting lost thing left me an hour to get stuff done…

Yas Mall is gorgeous, I absolutely love it there.  It’s a surprisingly tranquil and peaceful place considering it’s a shopping haven.  The mall opened only a few months ago and it still feels lovely and new.  In fact the mall is so divine that even the hypermarket Geant is nice…and for me to say that is HUGE because I really do not like Geant at all!  While perusing the mall I decided that the girls and I need to do a shopping trip up there asap…though I suspect the bank would prefer me not to!


Isn’t he gorgeous?

On the way there I had thought about one special purchase and whether or not to make it.  My lovely friend T has had the same teddy bear her whole life and sadly it was thrown away by the hotel she stayed it. She was gutted about it.  I realised that nothing would ever replace her beloved bear but I thought maybe a new friend to take on her adventures would help a bit.  I took a gamble that she would take it in the spirit it was meant and she did – she was thrilled with her Hamley’s bear!  Best money I have spent in a while that’s for sure, it was great to see her smiling and happy. We had a really lovely evening together, gossiping and watching junk TV and just enjoying the fact we now live within driving distance again!

Having managed to drive back to Dubai with minimum drama I survived a day at work before heading home to hang with my friends. The girls decided to come to mine after work for a chilled evening in so naturally I had to go and get nibbles.  Imagine my horror on making a wrong turn out of Geant at Ibn Battuta (curse the horrid place) and ending up miles from where I needed to be…then the GPS directed me to a truck stop to turn around which was terrifying!  In the end I pulled over at a metro station near my friends house and she rescued me!  Luckily we were all able to laugh about it and I realised how lucky I have been to find two girlfriends I feel totally comfortable with, even if I will never live this down!

How stunning is this? I found it on Google and it appears to be by DeniseAWells.

Not many people are so lucky to find new and lovely friends and have their best mate living up the road!  She is the ying to my yang and now with her and my new mates I really feel I have a crew here that I can rely on.  This is especially vital as Bond is travelling a lot for business!  If I have a guardian angel he is really bringing his A-game at the moment that is for sure!

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