Caudalie Clan

I have always loved Caudalie oil but I haven’t ever tried more of their products…however a recent blog by Rachel W persuaded me to try out some other things.  Let it not be said that I do anything half heartedly and what started as just the beauty elixir turned into a fair few more things…

First I decided I needed a new oil, which comes in a handy spray bottle meaning you don’t waste it!  It smells heavenly and works for face, body and hair.  I love a multi-tasker, especially one that does all it’s jobs well.  Out here my hair has become really dry due to the awful water and this manages to make it shine and feel softer with just a few spritzes.  Better still it works on dry or wet hair.  For the body it helps my tan to glow a bit more and makes my skin feel silky all day.  For my face I use it at night for some extra moisture when I need it, the smell is also quite relaxing and helps me drift off.  It’s not even terribly expensive and as a little goes a long way it should last well too.

Then of course I had to get the beauty elixir which I now love, it’s great for morning before you put on your make up and through out the day for a pick me up. Caudalie claim ‘this powerful plant based anti-dull complexion treatment smooths away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion an instant boost of radiance’ and they aren’t lying!  The only problem I have is that it stings if you spray with your eyes open so do bear that in mind.  Other than that it’s truly a great product that again has a wonderful scent.

Then I had to get the Grape Water spray which is meant to tone and moisturise throughout the day.  Now I bought the big bottle so I have yet to take it with me throughout the day but it’s fantastic for a weekend where you aren’t wearing make up and you just want to keep the skin looking fresh.  I have yet to test this theory but I bet by a pool or beach this would be perfect for keeping you feeling and looking cool!

I have also treated myself to the ‘Divine Scrub’ but I am a bit worried it will rub off my tan…so as yet it’s unused.  I can say it smells terrific and the packaging is very chic so it looks great in a bathroom.

Now I just need to finish my other products for cleansing etc and I think I will become a Caudalie girl.  The products are good quality and not too expensive and it’s really the first time I have found a brand that I can’t fault a single product of!

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