Claw Craziness

On Friday night my best bud managed to get the evening and the following day off so of course we arranged a dinner out!  A few of my favourite people gathered at Claw to celebrate that she’s officially a resident.  The plan was to have a quiet but fun evening but that all went to pot when they brought over a Martini glass the size of my face…apparently LARGE really means it there…I ended up sharing the massive martini with the other girls it was so big!

The food at Claw is typical American diner fare, and it’s really very good!  I had a sloppy Joe which was delicious, though I could have eaten a lot more of it…the portion was surprisingly small.  The guys ate a huge tonne of ribs though and were very happy with them!  For those of you who are missing pork they serve it here too so if you’re in a need of a pork fix then here is the place for you!  Last time I went I had the pulled pork which was really yummy and filling.

After claw we headed over to Karma Cafe for one last cocktail and some more chat before heading home.  The vibe there is quite nice and chilled though we all agreed the music is too loud…that said we all managed to chat away happily!

The next morning (once we had recovered) we went for lunch at Leopold’s which was lovely as always – honestly the food is excellent and the staff are beyond friendly.  I also ran into a colleague which was fun and always makes me feel like a local.  She told us all about Aerial Hoops which is some mad sounding work out that my friend now desperately wants to do…we shall see how that goes, I am not very agile after all!

After our meal we headed to Mall of the Emirates so we could do a Sephora run as I needed moisturiser and my friend wanted new foundation.  I left her for two minutes and came back to find her sat in a chair having a full Benefit make over.  All the products she tried looked fantastic especially the BB Cream which evened out her skin and she said it felt light and really smooth.  It’s gone on my ‘wish list’!  She also taught me how to use the ‘Watts up’ highlighter I have from them and I used it today and all my colleagues have said how great I look – obviously her lesson paid off!

Later she had to leave and Bond and I went to make my ‘BIG’ purchase.  A few days ago my laptop totally packed in and I decided it was time to get a new one…they were running a promotion and so I purchased a MacBook Air and it’s the new love of my life! I have named it Magnus the Mac because it’s Magnificent (yes I was up nights thinking that up…) It’s so speedy and so sleek looking, I couldn’t be happier with it.  I am also told they last for years which makes me very happy as it’s not a cheap investment though I did get a great deal here thanks to a ‘back to school’ offer – they thought I was a student and when I said I wasn’t they said there were ways around that and tada it was mine!

All in all it was a fun (if somewhat pricey!) weekend!  I am definitely loving having my buddy up the road and it’s great to see how well she gets on with my other friends out here!


6 thoughts on “Claw Craziness

  1. Muddy mum says:

    *Adds giant Martini to Dubai itinerary*
    I adore my MacBook too. Marvellous things! I’m thinking of getting my husband Apple TV for Christmas…..because I want it! Ha…I’m sure he’ll love it!


    • widerangingramblings says:

      Giant martini is definitely a must, plus they will make an array of drinks and you can have any of them served in that vast glass! Apple TV is great, here some content is banned so we can’t fully use it and even still I think it’s great! I am sure your husband will love it, if it’s tech related Bond tends to be on board…I keep catching him looking longingly at Magnus…it’s only a matter of time before he has one of his own!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Muddy mum says:

        My husband is a complete technophobe, just as well I’m not really. 😉 He loves TV though so he’ll reap the rewards that way.
        You’ll have to come up with a name for Bond’s potential MacBook too 🙂


        • widerangingramblings says:

          Oh really? Well it’s seriously simple to use (though I suspect you’ll have to do the installation and set up, which is also very easy if you get tech!) It even comes with a remote control so that should help him not to fear it!
          I will have to name Bond’s Mac, I do enjoy naming things!

          Liked by 1 person

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