Inside Out

On the plane back from Corsica I watched ‘Inside out’ the new animation film by Disney Pixar.  I had seen the ad and been intrigued and then everyone I knew who had seen it raved about it.  I love a good animation film and I’ve even managed to make Bond and my Dad see the light…believe me there is nothing funnier than watching those two pretend they aren’t enjoying a kids movie whilst laughing out loud in an embarrassed manner!  I would say that Arthur Christmas was the one that won them over, the intro scene where the gifts are delivered like a military campaign appealed to both of them and they were able to agree that actually these films aren’t just for kids and can be quite clever!  Somehow though we managed to miss Inside out at the cinema so I was thrilled to see that Air France were offering it – clearly they were trying to make amends for the outbound flight!

The film is the story of a little girl called Riley as told by the feelings inside her head; Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger.  The characters are all brilliantly drawn and really capture the feeling they are supposed to emote.  Disgust is especially good – she’s a teenager and we all know how they can be disgusted by just about anything. You also get to see the same emotions in her parents and it’s really interesting to see the different depth of their emotions because they are older.  I love the scene where the two parents are trying to communicate and the feelings in both of them are going nuts at each other. I think we’ve all been there where you feel you’re making yourself clear and a man is looking at you blankly!

The premise of the film is that after the family move cities Riley feels sad and this overwhelms joy…in fact sadness becomes strong enough to change joyful memories to sad ones.  Eventually this sets of a chain of events leads to Riley losing her capacity to feel anything.  Naturally Joy has to fix this and sets off on an adventure with sadness, along the way you see all the parts of the brains that control memory and feelings.  Honestly the detail is incredible – she even has an invisible friend that they run into. You really find yourself rooting for them to succeed and save the day!

It’s really a lovely movie with a great message of how we need both joy and sadness to be fully formed people.  I will warn you I cried like a baby at parts of it so bring your kleenex…


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