Scaling Everest

We had a quiet weekend and the peak of it was definitely going to watch Everest…(feel free to all groan at that terrible pun!)  Initially I was reluctant to go and see it but Bond sold me on the fact it was a true story.  I always enjoy a good true story film and so decided I would give Everest a go.  Naturally it’s not movie night without a trip to the counter who as ever provided yummy food speedily.  Bond is obsessed with their milkshakes and has decreed they are the best in Dubai – this is after quite a lot of extensive research, which he of course did selflessly to help any of you who are on the hunt for a milkshake in Dubai!

On arriving at the cinema I was THRILLED to see that Dubai had decided to add some real authenticity to my viewing experience by making the room ICE COLD – I was literally shivering along with the cast…and that was in spite of my wearing my slipper socks.  I was forced to put on my slipper socks and jumper, much to the amusement of the girls next to me – I had the last laugh though!  The cinema was so cold that when the 3D snow started I believed it was real…Why they make cinema’s so cold here I don’t know but this one time it did at least add to my experience.

The film itself is really brilliant, I was gripped from start to finish and I really cared about all the characters.  I so badly wanted them to make the summit and to succeed in their mission.  I knew that climbing Everest was hard but I had no idea just how challenging it truly is.  This movie is really about humans tackling nature and trying to defeat everything the mountain throws at them.  It shows you the strength of human spirit and love as well as how sometimes the simple desire to succeed is not enough.  I won’t ruin the film by telling you the story, because part of my enjoyment came from the suspense of not knowing what happens.

Truly it’s an incredible story from start to finish with great performances by the all star cast.  I definitely encourage you to see it.  If you’re really lucky your local cinema will also make you have the true authentic experience…but if not I am sure you’ll enjoy if even if you don’t feel frozen by the end!

2 thoughts on “Scaling Everest

  1. Tara says:

    From everything I have seen and read, climbing Everest doesn’t sound like much fun. I think I’m going to give it a miss. I might watch the film though 🙂 (I also dislike cold cinemas).


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