Downtown Dining

One of my closest friends out here lives in Downtown.  She recently had a trip home to see her boyfriend and it wasn’t quite the success she had hoped for, naturally I offered to come over to lend a supportive shoulder.  She offered to cook about which I was VERY excited because I have heard that she is an excellent chef.

I arrived bang on time and so was able to help out a bit with the cooking.  I was pleased to help because I actually picked up a couple of tips.  Who knew that celeriac would taste so good in a bolognaise – certainly not me!? This was a brilliant revelation because I love celeriac!!  The food was delicious and I was most impressed with all my friends gadgets – clearly she loves a gizmo and I have major envy of her onion chopping device.  I really need to improve my kitchen supplies so I may have to make a shopping trip soon.

She laid a beautiful table with her stunning Rosenthal China – honestly I realised I am officially a grown up when I found myself gushing about her plates…

It was a fun evening where we dished on boys and their foibles and on what the future may hold for us both.  It’s been brilliant to find someone I can be really open with who is like-minded.  I just hope that her boyfriend sorts himself out because she’s awesome and he would be a fool to lose her!

Our conversation led me to a question – why is it that some men decide what women want without actually asking them?  Apparently my friend wants a high-powered career and will do anything to get it…in reality, she would like to get married and have children and put her career on the back burner for a bit.  Her boyfriend decided their relationship would never work based on his total misunderstanding of her actual wants and needs. Had he just asked her they could have avoided a big fight and lots of hurt feelings…I am sure women are guilty of the same thing too – certainly I expect Bond to be psychic and I don’t always articulate what I want thus leading him to make assumptions. I wonder if this is a British malady because we loathe confrontation and discussing feelings or if it just a gender divide? I would be interested in other opinions…!

4 thoughts on “Downtown Dining

  1. missbassmaster says:

    I think it’s hard for both men and women to ask relationship questions.. but maybe a bit harder for men. However, communication is key! It’s the most important thing! And totally worth the awkwardness of bringing up tough topics 🙂


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