IMG-20151002-WA0007A few months back the legend that is Bon Jovi announced he was coming to Abu Dhabi.  My bestie LOVES him so the legal eagle and I booked tickets so the two of us could join said bestie to enjoy the show.  I drove up on Thursday night with the legal eagle and met up with my bestie at the Du Arena on Yas Island.

Having managed to park on the sandpit that they claim is a ‘car park’ we walked what felt like miles to go and meet the bestie and commence the worship of Bon Jovi.

The Du Arena is HUGE and has a lot of excellent food options.  We had standing tickets so we decided to get milkshakes and then find a good spot.  I had the most amazing Kinder Bueno shake which was just what I needed in that heat.  Hilariously my poor bestie attempted to get served and was ignored hugely and the lady would only speak to me.  We still don’t know what she did to offend the waitress but it was obviously serious!

The concert was amazing!  The two blonde bombshells danced their feet off and knew all the words which I was rather impressed by.  The band were amazing, I don’t know how they managed to perform so incredibly and energetically in that heat.  You could see the sweat pouring off them but they never stopped giving their all and keeping the crowd pumped up!  Even though it was hotter than hell it didn’t matter because it was so enjoyable!!


The highlight had to be ‘Living on a Prayer’ at the end – the whole crowd sang along and loved it.  We were all really into it!

Getting out of the arena was a nightmare, it took hours to actually exit and the drive back felt like it took a lifetime.  I was shattered by the time I got home but it was honestly totally worth it!

For anyone else who watched it I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we all did!

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