Brilliant Brunching!

When my friend ‘Tomcat’ booked her flights to Dubai I was ECSTATIC.  She is one of my favourite people and we always have fun together.  She booked a flying visit and her one request was that we had a brunch which seemed easy enough to accommodate!

I did my research and discovered that Traitteur at the Park Hyatt was the best place to go.  I sent out a message to my buddies out here and booked  a table.  Everyone was very excited to go to a smart brunch with a fabulous reputation and so the countdown began…by the time Toms finally arrived I was like a small child on the brink of Christmas.  We had a bit of an airport adventure when I got a TAD lost and had to take a detour via my office so I could find my way!  Tomcat was nice enough to say she was thrilled to see my office and have a roadtrip with me (one of the reasons I love her is her ability to always see the silver lining!) Once we got home we pretty ourselves up and headed off to indulge ourselves.


Truly Traitteur is a stunning place, it has huge high ceilings and amazing wood panelling.  They had fantastic live music, an accoustic guitarist and a singer with a great repertoire and mix of old and new music. We all were very impressed from the moment we sat down!  Soon sparkling wine was poured for all of us and toasts were made and then the all important eating commenced!


Bond’s best mate out here and I get on very well and so we abandoned Bond and headed to the seafood room because Bond won’t eat it and I love oysters and the like.  They had two different types of oysters, sushi of all types and sashimi, fantastic prawns and lots of different seafood salads. Tomcat was in raptures over it all as we filled our plates.  The oysters proved to be as good as expected, especially when Bloody Mary’s were ordered!

FB_IMG_1444046238880Soon we went to the main courses, there was a whole pork section which you know always makes me happy!  There were three different roasts; duck, lamb and beef all cooked perfectly.  Several stews were on offer as well as curries.  Honestly there was something for everyone.  We really enjoyed everything and ate several courses before heading to the main event – the dessert room!!  We all gasped on entering it, seriously I feel like I have now seen what heaven might be like.  It was incredible to behold that much cake in one place and the presentation was so beautiful too.  These people really know what they are doing when they do dessert!!

Honestly it was like nothing I have ever seen, several tables of cake and truffles and marshmallows!  There was a chocolate fondue with everything you could imagine to smother in chocolate.  Honestly it was hard to decide what to have and so the girls and I decided that the smart move was several trips…I think by the end we had all tried everything!!!

FB_IMG_1444046251807Having eaten everything in sight we then headed outside to enjoy cocktails and champagne in the sun.  It was a tad hot but everyone seemed to cope alright with it – it’s amazing the power of a good view!

The evening ended with a house party at a friend’s place which was great fun, we all danced to old classics on VH1 and generally had a good time!

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