Cheesecake and chat

This is the new ‘smores’ flavour – it looks amazing but sadly I am not a huge fan of the marshmallow!

On Monday I whizzed up to Abu Dhabi (AGAIN – soon the car will be able to drive the way with no navigation!) to meet my bestie at Yas Mall.  We did some roaming around before deciding to do far more important things and entered the Cheesecake Factory.  We kept things civilised by eating a main course before diving in to the cake. I had the chicken pot stickers which are amazing especially as they are just light enough to allow room for cake too!  My friend had a very healthy salad wrap which she said was a nightmare to eat but really delicious.

Naturally the cakes were flawless as ever, honestly I have yet to have one I don’t love and this time we both managed to finish them.  No mean feat given their sheer size!

It was lovely to see her and put the world to rights and just chat about life and the universe.  A boy she likes is considering coming to Abu Dhabi for a visit so I am looking forward to meeting him and seeing if I deem him worthy!  She’s an incredible person so I tend to be rather protective of her…

We headed home to chill out and get an early night as she starts work at 6.30 and I had to drive back to Dubai to get to work in the morning.  We put on ‘The Other Woman’ which is a HILARIOUS movie.  I haven’t seen a chick-flick in ages, and I definitely recommend this Cameron Diaz romp.  The concept is quite original and it’s very well executed – the idea is that Cameron Diaz finds out her boyfriend is in fact married.  She ends up becoming friends with the wife while they plot the demise of said cheating male.  Much fun and chaos ensues and you learn that the unlikeliest of friends can often be the best!  On a side note  Nicki Minaj also does a fabulous performance as Cameron’s best friend and assistant, as does her hair which seems to be different in every scene!  It’s low brow but amusing and definitely one to watch with your best bud on a sleepy night in!

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