So much sun!

On Friday Bond persuaded me the beach really wasn’t hotter than just lying down on the sun and that I should join him there for a bit.  I was not convinced but as the poor soul had to go to Bahrain on Saturday and thus was losing a day of his weekend I decided I’d go along with his madness.  Sadly I was right, it really was VERY hot and quite humid but we made the best of it!  The water was lovely luckily and so we just swam and bobbed about a bit before admitting defeat…

On the way home we stopped off at Fruiteiro for a yummy iced lemon and mint drink.  It really was delicious and refreshing.  I am obsessed with these iced wonderdrinks which are healthy too!

In the evening we got stuck into Madam Secretary which is brilliant, it’s a clever and dynamic show with a terrific cast. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a show about the female Secretary of State who is trying to do the best possible job whilst also being a good parent.  I really enjoy the politics of it and the family drama is a nice offset to that. If you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it!  It has caused some pretty big debates between Bond and I too – it’s interesting to see the male/female view point that this show throws up.  If you like House of Cards or Scandal then this is one for you!

On Saturday Bond headed off for his trip and I went to meet the other two members of the three Musketeers for a pool day.  The Sheraton had a ‘groupon’ offer; for 95 Dirhams you got full spa and pool access and 50 Dirhams was redeemable for food and drink.  We were lucky to arrive and find three loungers next to each other in the sun. It really is a gorgeous pool, infinity style and really tranquil.  Amazingly though there were quite a few people there wasn’t a lot of noise which was lovely.  It was so great to be with two people I really like and connect with – we can talk about anything and everything which we did for several hours.  We even survived an endurance test in the sauna when we were determined to last the full length of the sandtimer…it was no mean feat and we were all excessively proud of ourselves!  The jacuzzi was far more our style it transpired!

The weather was ideal too and we have all picked up a bit of colour!  The burgers we all decided to indulge in were REALLY delicious, I haven’t had such a good burger in a while.  The Sheraton also does a fantastic lemon and mint juice which was especially good for N who was feeling a tad under the weather as there is a cold roaming around Dubai.  We really did have a wonderful time and all agreed we need to do more of this sort of thing as it’s on our doorstep!

At around 6 we decided we had had our fill of the pool and spa and so off we went to our separate abodes to freshen up before meeting for drinks later.  N bailed as the cold had rather taken hold of her poor thing!  S and I agreed to go for a quick beverage at The Wavebreaker bar at the Hilton JBR.  This was very convenient for me as I can walk there in a few minutes. The bar is lovely and right on the beach, the rugby was playing but very few people were there to watch it so the vibe was still relaxed.  A glass of prosecco in front of us we put the world to rights.  It was interesting to hear from a ‘long timer’ in Dubai how lucky I really have been to find friends.  Apparently I am the person she feels closest to along with N who I introduced her too and it’s taken her two years to meet me.  She told me that I make her feel at ease and that’s the best part of being my friend – I was really touched because that’s how I feel with her too.  I think with age I am realising that while longevity is great there is a lot to be said for just clicking with someone and not having any history or baggage!


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