Sushi, Take That and Rugby…an unlikely trio!

On Thursday evening I decided to have a quiet evening in with some trashy TV and a heap of sushi.  I used to eat Sushi all the time but as Bond is not a fan I haven’t indulged in quite a while! Apparently I was keen for a lot of it because after I placed the order at Sushi Art the lady said ‘Shall I send two or three sets of chopsticks’!  Anyway in spite of her thinking I couldn’t eat it alone I managed to demolish it over the course of the evening while I watched my new guilty pleasure ‘Shahs of Sunset’.  It is total mindless trash but rather enjoyable if you like reality TV.  I turned in for the night at 10.30 because that’s the kind of wild party animal I am!

Friday morning I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed and decided the best thing to do was conserve that energy so I did some more relaxing before a bit of a pamper session to prepare for the highlight of my weekend – ‘Take That’.  Two of my friends and I had decided a night of nostalgia was definitely called for.  The concert was at Dubai Amphitheatre which I hadn’t been to before but I had heard it was great and quite intimate which for a 10,000 person arena is no mean feat. The girls and I met at the Radisson Blu nearby for a drink on the rooftop which was lovely, they made yummy strawberry dacquiris and we had some nibbles too.  We then headed off to get a decent spot and a bottle of wine to share while we watched.  The concert was hosted by Dubai 92 and their DJ’s put on a good pre-show before the boys took the stage. It seems that when Gary Barlow came to perform he promised to bring the band to Dubai and they certainly came back with a bang.  The screen they had projected the most amazing images and graphics, I was really impressed.  Each slide was better than the one before!  They also played a great mix of old and new hits and I knew all the words to every song which was fun for me (if not for the girls because I am of course tone deaf!) It really was a terrific night, for once I could actually see the stage and really get the most out of seeing a band perform live!

Once they had finished we decided to go to the One and Only Royal Mirage which is within walking distance from the amphitheatre.  The Jetty Lounge is really one of the most beautiful spots in Dubai, you can sit over looking the water and enjoy the lovely atmosphere.  I am a big fan and definitely recommend a visit if you’re in Dubai (though do try to book so you get a good spot to sit!).

Truly it was a fab evening, if ‘Take That’ come back to Dubai I will be the first to book my ticket and I have been dancing along to their music ever since in my car!

Saturday Bond and I were invited to our favourite couple’s house for dinner.  N is one of my closest friends here and her husband and Bond get on like a house on fire too so we always have a good time.  N’s dad was over and she was very keen for us to meet him and have dinner altogether while the rugby was on.  I am not a huge Rugby fan but Bond loves it – N and I decided to support Australia while the boys cheered on New Zealand – naturally they were VERY smug when their team won!  All in all it was a lovely evening and I was thrilled to meet my friend’s dad who is great fun!  Now I am missing mine a lot and can’t wait for Christmas more than ever!!!!


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