Perfect Pierchic


Flowers from my parents and Fizz from the Tomcat who brought it over from London with her!

Thursday evening was Bond’s surprise for our anniversary – he planned it a few weeks ago and has kept saying that I would LOVE it so I was very excited by the time I got home.  I quickly arranged the beautiful flowers he sent me in a vase as well as the lovely bunch from my parents and then got ready for the big night. I put on my favourite black dress and some nice sparkly heels and jewellery and then Bond arrived for present opening. I had got him a few nice treats which he seemed really happy with.  I was thrilled with my Ipod shuffle and super swanky headphones, he had loaded the shuffle with music and audiobooks.  He got it because I am having trouble sleeping and so he thought audio books would help me to relax and unwind rather than TV shows which are too stimulating.  It turns out to have been an inspired idea because I now sleep soundly!!

We soon hopped in a taxi to the surprise venue, when we got to Al Qasr hotel I knew we were in for a lovely evening.  Al Qasr is a gorgeous hotel that is known for being very luxurious.  We got into a little golf buggy and drove through the whole resort which was great as I didn’t realise just how big it is!  It’s truly a stunning place!  When we go to Pierchic I was all smiles!  It’s known to be the most romantic restaurant in Dubai and I soon realised it deserves that reputation.

You walk down a long bridge in the ocean with a great view of the Burj al Arab and then arrive at the main place, it sits on stilts right in the ocean.  We had  a lovely corner table and as it was cool the windows were open so we could enjoy a lovely breeze.  The waiter we got was wonderful and attentive as was the waitress who was helping him out.

Not such an innocent cup of tea!

We started with brilliant cocktails, I had the Naomi and Bond had a Hendrick’s ‘Elixir of Longevity’ which was served in a teacup!  They were both delicious and we realised we were on to a decadent evening.  I decided to start with the lobster bisque which is my favourite thing ever, there were huge chunks of lobster in the bisque and it was totally delicious!  Bond was daring and had Ceviche with Jalepono’s which he said was delicious and fresh.  For the main course I had seafood risotto which was perfection and Bond had the sea bass which was delicious and perfectly flavoured.  We had a bit  of a break and then moved on to the all important desert – I had apple tart with Praline sauce and Bond had the panna cotta.  The apple was absolutely wonderful, I usually go for chocolate puddings so it was a nice change to go for the fruit option and it really was exemplary.




The lovely staff then surprised us with a cake that said happy anniversary which was so sweet and made us feel really special!  Having indulged ourselves handsomely in yummy food we moved to the bar for one last cocktail overlooking the amazing view.

Pierchic was so wonderful, totally romantic and perfect to celebrate a special occassion.  I can’t wait for our next excuse to go back!!


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