Wowee Waldorf

IMG-20151106-WA0015Friday was my turn to spoil Bond. He had asked for something really relaxing and so I decided that a spa trip followed by high tea was probably the best option.  Here in Dubai Spas tend to be segregated, the only thing you can do together is to have a massage.  I thought that a whole day being in seperate steam rooms and sauna’s would be rather a shame for an anniversary.  Naturally I turned to google and found that a few spas in Dubai have come up with the perfect solution – a whole suite for the couple.

The Waldorf Astoria is said to be the best and so I booked us the whole package – you get a body scrub and a massage as well as a foot treatment.  We got to the spa and filled in our necessary health forms and then we were led to the VIP suite and given the tour.  Everyone we came across wished us happy anniversary and were so excited to celebrate with us – by the time we got to the suite I already felt really happy and relaxed.

The place smells sensational, they have Serge Lutens fragrances spritzed everywhere and it smells a bit like I imagine heaven.  I  was seriously tempted to but it for myself but I have so much perfume at the moment it’s a bit out of hand!

The suite is HUGE, you have two massage beds, a hamaam slab and a jacuzzi tub as well as a private steam room, sauna, an ‘atmospheric shower’ and very chic changing rooms with super luxury robes.

You start off with tea and then you can use all the facilities before you get to the treatment portion.  You start with the foot treatment were they scrub and massage your feet.  Then you have a full body scrub to make all your skin silky soft before the proper massage.  Honestly the massage was so good that I actually feel that it corrected my posture and cleared the tension that I had in my neck and shoulders.

The whole experience is luxurious and decadent and having that privacy is lovely too.  I really enjoyed it and I would definitely reccomend it to anyone!

IMG-20151106-WA0013Having been pampered to within an inch of our lives we headed for high tea.  On arrival the staff all wished us Happy Anniversary and led us to a lovely table with a great view. They rolled over the special TWG tea trolley so we could smell the tea and decide what we wanted to have!  It was really fun to see them prepare the tea in this very smart way.  The Waldorf Astoria has two types of ‘tea’ – the Parisien and the London…nautrally we chose the London!  We got lovely sandwiches, scones and mini cakes as well as fruit salad.  It really was all delicious, and the presentation was beautiful.


At the end of tea they surprised us with a lovely cake that said ‘happy 3rd anniversary’ which just sealed the end of a perfect day!



4 thoughts on “Wowee Waldorf

    • widerangingramblings says:

      Oh you should totally treat yourself!! For your next anniversary maybe you and Mr. Muddy can do it? I know we loved the hashtag, quite ridiculous but fun. The highlight was scones to be honest and clotted cream, you can take the Expat out of England but you can’t take England out of the Expat!!

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