From the crib to the Burj Khalifa!

godsistersMy mother has been friends with my godmother since she was 8 years old, which means I have grown up with my friend Firefly from the day I was born.  Firefly is a few months older and wiser than I am and is the sister I never had.  Her family have always been incredible to me and I know I can always call on them for help.  When I got her email saying she was hoping to get out here I told her to book PRONTO and I started to get excited about her visit.  The day finally arrived last Thursday!!!

is-it-prosecco-o-clock-yet-cushion-1220-pAt 10.30 I headed to the airport to pick her up and once she finally got through all the security we headed home.  Then we decided that the only fitting thing to do was to go for Prosecco so we headed to the Hilton for a beverage and an all important debrief on the past few months since we saw each other.  It really was so lovely to see her and to talk in person and to hear about mummyhood, she quit her law career to stay at home and look after her kids and so far seems to be loving it!  I can’t wait to meet her new baby who looks so divine in all the videos and pictures and to see her daughter again who Tuxedo still misses after she turned up and worshipped him!

Once the prosecco was drunk we decided it was time for bed so we would have energy for a fun filled Friday!


We woke up and had a delicious is perhaps too small croissant breakfast before getting dressed to head to the Mall of the Emirates for all important gift shopping – frozen featured highly naturally!  We got some cute little things for the kids and then having shopped our feet off we went to meet two of my ‘Dubai’ friends for high tea.

7492_rsr004_00_p_346x260For those of you in Dubai the Sofitel are doing a ‘Groupon’ offer where you can have a lovely high tea for 90AED only!  We got especially lucky as the lovely waitress gave us huge amounts of extra food for free, very nice indeed!  I would definitely recommend it, the food was all good quality and the service was excellent.  We all agreed that we would be keen to go back. It was great to have Firefly meet my friends out here and everyone got on really well.  Though we did all admit that we were defeated by the amount of cake on offer!


This is a piece of the art his gallery recently had here that Sheikh Mohammed was apparently a big fan of.

By sheer chance another friend of mine was over and holding an art opening so we went along for some wine and nibbles so I could see him and we could all feel cultured.  Bond came to join us too so it was really fun!  The art is all Indian and really beautiful, sadly all the pieces I liked were a tad too expensive.  One day maybe I will be able to treat myself to such things!  Having got our ‘culture’ on we moved on to dinner at Rivington Grill overlooking the fountains.

Rivington Grill is great fun, it’s got a laid back English vibe and excellent food. The terrace is very large and has a great view of the main event – the fountains!  Firefly loved them and took lots of videos for the little ones at home. I am hoping they liked them enough to force their mother to bring them out here…fingers crossed everyone!

ht_rollarcoaster_restaurant_2_sk_141201_4x3_992Saturday morning was a girls day and so the two of us took a road trip up to Abu Dhabi.  Firefly was a great DJ and we sang along and made a fun time of it in spite of the sat nav getting us a tad lost a few times. On arrival we decided to fuel up for the day ahead so we had lunch at Rogo’s at Yas mall, it’s a lot of fun there as all the food is served on a sort of rollercoaster set up.  We tried to take videos but it’s so speedy that we kept missing our moment…oops!

Having lunched we made our move to the shops and my word did we do some damage…several hours later we left laden with bags…mainly to be fair mini clothes for her kids.  Honestly I fell in love with a million dresses and mini dungarees.  I am now planning another spree for my little cousins!!  For those UAE Parents, hit up ‘Gingersnaps‘ for really lovely chic clothes.


Naturally when one goes to Abu Dhabi you have got to go to the Grand Mosque.  We decided to go at night to see it all lit up – this was a first for me as I have always gone during the day.  Truly it’s astonishing to see that white building against the black night sky.  I have now been several times and it never fails to impress.

Having seen all of the Mosque we decided we were hungry again and so went to Emirates Palace for dinner.  Truly I was a bit disappointed – for a hotel that claims to be the world’s most luxurious the service was a bit lacklustre.  The food was really good though and my friend got a kick out of the chocolate leaf on the cake!  Suddenly it was ten at night and so we decided to get back in Victor and head home.

dubai-deira-creek-abraOn Sunday I had to brave the office and Firefly met up with a friend of hers who also lives here and the two of them went for lunch at Omnia and then off to see the historical parts of Dubai.  They even took an abra on the creek which she loved.  I was really glad she managed to do some of the history and didn’t have a wasted day here, especially as the abra’s are really good fun.

In the evening I rushed home and got changed and Bond joined Firefly and I to go and have a swishy evening at the Burj Khalifa.  Atmosphere is a bar on the 122nd floor and it has a great view.  It is a fun way to enjoy being up there and I believe it’s the highest place in the world you can have a cocktail.  For my friend who is a mum of two I thought that would be a nice gimmick.  The views are fantastic and it does feel rather swanky to take the fastest lift in the world too!  However the food is a tad overpriced – I would say it’s a great place to bring out of town friends to show off the city but for a local it is a lot of money for not that much…


Sadly on Monday morning Firefly had to head home and so I drove her to the airport in a record twenty five minutes and ended up at work comically early!

It really was a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait for her to come back!!



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