Failure at Five Guys


Last night the bestie (slight passport fail on her planned departure so she is still here YAY…I had nothing to do with it, I promise!!) drove down from Abu Dhabi to have dinner with me in Dubai.

We did a stroll around Marina Mall and then decided to see whether Five Guys lived up to all the hype.  We probably should have realised on arrival that something was afoot.  The lady offered us monkey nuts to eat in the queue which seemed a tad odd.  Then when we ordered it all felt a bit ‘McDonald’s-esque’.  We also had to wait for our food at the counter which was then served in a brown paper bag – and there were no plates.  Then we ate the burger, which had two burger patties, fake cheese and a singularly disappointing bun.  The fries are friend in peanut oil (which I guess explains why they were all over the joint) and tasted VILE unless drowned in ketchup.  The one redeeming point was the free refills but the burgers made me feel so rubbish the idea of drinking something fizzy wasn’t very appealing at all!  I haven’t been so soundly disappointed in a place in years!!

All in all I am AMAZED that people speak highly of this place, really save some dirhams and hit McDonalds who aren’t pretending to be high end!

2 thoughts on “Failure at Five Guys

  1. Muddy mum says:

    How fab you still have your buddy with you! 🙂
    One of those places I always intend to visit but never quite get round to. Maybe I won’t bother. It could always be that you visit so many amazing places this one just pales in comparison. 😉


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