par203_405x363So on Sunday night my friend text me to say he was going to come to Dubai on Thursday for a golf tournament.  Now I have to admit I was somewhat surprised because he’s not really the spontaneous type!  Still I was happy he was coming out and we made lunch plans.  The next day my bestie announced that she is leaving the UAE today and heading home (which is sad for me but the best thing for her and so I am trying to be supportive!)  Bond decided we should have a dinner for them both and got some other friends along.

bvymqtzceaa3ghfSo Friday during the day my bestie and I spent some quality time together and had fun before heading home to get ready for dinner at Frankie’s.  A quick outfit change and off we went to meet all the others there. It ended up being a really fun and late night. The next day I felt a bit worse for wear to be honest! Happy Hour is truly dangerous… Frankie’s was typically wonderful, the food was excellent and the music was really great too.  It’s definitely one of my favourite places to go!


On Saturday I drove over to the Westin to meet my golfing friend for lunch at Bussola which I love.  The traffic was mad and it took me FOREVER to get there.  Even getting the car to the valet was crazy!  Anyway it was worth it because the weather was gorgeous and the food was terrific.  I had an excellent salami (REAL salami!!) and gorgonzola pizza.  My pal was suitably amused by my excitement over actual salami…how the Brits take this for granted!! Having finished lunch we did a tour of the hotel, the pools are amazing and there was a fun French festival going on too so we explored that a bit.  Soon it was time to head off to a new adventure, so I went to get the car back….amazingly it took nearly forty minutes for Victor to be returned to me!  Once we finally got in we drove over to the Atlantis.

atlantis-the-palm-dubai-34462151-1433927339-imagegallerylightboxThe Atlantis hotel is one of Dubai’s iconic buildings but I have never been before because it’s a bit of a tourist trap.  Honestly the place is totally mental and is exactly what I imagine a Vegas hotel to be like.  It’s entirely over the top from the aquarium to the gold EVERYWHERE.  We were both highly amused by the place, it got more and more laughable at every time. At least we enjoyed a drink over the fantastic view before heading off.

All in all it was a lovely weekend even if everything that happened was totally unexpected!


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