Rugby 7’s

20121021_emirates-airline-dubai-rugby-sevens-2012On Friday for my friend’s birthday a bunch of us headed to the Rugby 7’s to celebrate with her and her boyfriend.  I haven’t been to any Rugby 7’s before so I was intrigued to see what it would be like here.  We all took a bus which was fun and put us in a good mood for the rest of the day.  Once we survived the mad queue we found some really great seats and then the legal eagle went and got in the ciders.

We enjoyed sitting in the sun and chatting away while we drank cider (which it transpires I quite enjoy!) and Bond and I ate some really yummy pork ribs, they were literally finger licking good.  I will admit I watched very little rugby…but then neither did anyone else!


There was a fairly bizarre but amusing half time show – I missed the beginning but it seemed to be about the earth and sea?  There were also some cheerleaders, the legal eagle’s boyfriend and I found them most lacklustre and said they were rather an embarrassment to the great sport of Cheerleading.  There wasn’t a spirit finger in sight… Probably the biggest shock was the streaker – it’s not something I EVER thought I would see in Dubai!

At around 8 pm we decided to head back to the city and the others went to Barasti but Bond and I decided it was time to head home and eat again…


Fabulous Fondue

dsc_0088On Thursday to continue enjoying our long weekend we went to Box Park to wander around and enjoy the shopping.  Box Park is a great outdoor shopping area with lots of fun restaurants and boutiques.  I really enjoy it there because it has such a nice relaxed feel and you can usually find some fun things.

On arrival Bond announced that he was STARVING and so we found my new favourite indulgence place.  The Melting Pot is amazing!!!  The food is good and the experience is really fun.   You have your own stove top to do the cooking of each course.  You start off with the cheese course which was delicious as was the bread they gave us to dunk into it!  You then move to the main course, which is a hot soup that you cook the meat in.  We got steak, chicken and sausage all of which were delicious.  Bond was especially delighted as I did all the cooking which is somewhat noteworthy as I try to avoid cooking like the plague!

Now you might have thought we would be full but oh no it was time for the all important Chocolate!  We got the chocolate with nuts mixed in which was to die for.  They gave us fruit and then all the good naughty stuff to dunk in it – brownie bites and marshmallows were for sure the highlight for both of us.

I would wholeheartedly recommend a trip to the Melting Pot and I am already planning a group gathering to go there!

After lunch we did some shopping – new Toms for both of us, they are the ideal Dubai shoe and you get to feel good about giving back albeit in a small way.  As we were ready to leave we saw that some Emirati’s were going to do some local style dancing which was really fun to watch especially when they got the kids involved!

All in all a fab day out topped off by yummy cake back at mine!

National Day Fun!


The 3rd of December is UAE National Day, it’s a BIG deal!  The Emirati’s are very patriotic and everyone get’s really into the spirit of the thing. The kids dress up and people paint the flag on their faces.  We all get a day off too which is always a nice bonus!  During the day we decided to laze by the pool and make the most of the nice weather which was just what I needed after a crazy week!

In the evening we headed down to the JBR beach to enjoy the fireworks which were amazing!  We saw them last year and were impressed but this year they were even better.  It made my day that they had last  years National Day song playing along to the fireworks because I LOVE it even though it’s basically what I think is probably Arabic cheesy music.  This year just to up the anti even more they had a lazer show which was very cool.  We saw it the next evening from my balcony and it was really impressive the way the lazers lit up the whole beach!

The vibe was so fun, everyone was in party mood and determined to have a good time!  People were dancing along to the music and oohing and ahing over the fireworks.  It really was such a great evening!

Post fireworks we decided to go and have dinner at Eat Greek which was an old favourite that we haven’t been to in far too long.  The service was as good as we remembered from our previous visits and the food was sublime.  The meatballs were a particular favourite with both of us, the meat was perfectly tender and the sauce was so good we were dunking bread in it (sorry mummy not the best manners!)

I love National Day and it was so fun to celebrate with Bond and members of our community!

Bridge of Spies


bridge_of_spies_poster1The moment that Bond saw the trailer for ‘Bridge of Spies’ he was desperate to see it.  Then my parents saw it and said it was incredible, and then Bond’s parents joined in and said it was the must see film of 2015 and so tickets were booked for the first evening of the long weekend!  No trip to the cinema is complete without a trip to the counter, I am so obsessed with their veggie burgers it’s mad.

Having binged on good food we went to the cinema where Bond treated us to slushies and popcorn.  The cinema was pretty full so we realised we weren’t the only people who had heard good things about this film.

We ended up agreeing with our parents, it’s a really well done film with an amazing cast, Tom Hanks is incredible as always.  He just doesn’t put a foot wrong in his portrayal of a Lawyer who has to defend a Russian Spy.

What starts as a court case soon escalates to Mr Hanks getting involved in some deep cover Cold War spying. It was great to see parts of Berlin that I have now been to and it made me really excited for my holiday as I will be in Berlin this time next week!!

I don’t want to say too much because it’s really a great film and a large part of why it works is all the suspense.  I urge you to go and see it.  I enjoyed it so much the book is now on my kindle for Christmas reading (festive indeed!)