Fabulous Fondue

dsc_0088On Thursday to continue enjoying our long weekend we went to Box Park to wander around and enjoy the shopping.  Box Park is a great outdoor shopping area with lots of fun restaurants and boutiques.  I really enjoy it there because it has such a nice relaxed feel and you can usually find some fun things.

On arrival Bond announced that he was STARVING and so we found my new favourite indulgence place.  The Melting Pot is amazing!!!  The food is good and the experience is really fun.   You have your own stove top to do the cooking of each course.  You start off with the cheese course which was delicious as was the bread they gave us to dunk into it!  You then move to the main course, which is a hot soup that you cook the meat in.  We got steak, chicken and sausage all of which were delicious.  Bond was especially delighted as I did all the cooking which is somewhat noteworthy as I try to avoid cooking like the plague!

Now you might have thought we would be full but oh no it was time for the all important Chocolate!  We got the chocolate with nuts mixed in which was to die for.  They gave us fruit and then all the good naughty stuff to dunk in it – brownie bites and marshmallows were for sure the highlight for both of us.

I would wholeheartedly recommend a trip to the Melting Pot and I am already planning a group gathering to go there!

After lunch we did some shopping – new Toms for both of us, they are the ideal Dubai shoe and you get to feel good about giving back albeit in a small way.  As we were ready to leave we saw that some Emirati’s were going to do some local style dancing which was really fun to watch especially when they got the kids involved!

All in all a fab day out topped off by yummy cake back at mine!


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