National Day Fun!


The 3rd of December is UAE National Day, it’s a BIG deal!  The Emirati’s are very patriotic and everyone get’s really into the spirit of the thing. The kids dress up and people paint the flag on their faces.  We all get a day off too which is always a nice bonus!  During the day we decided to laze by the pool and make the most of the nice weather which was just what I needed after a crazy week!

In the evening we headed down to the JBR beach to enjoy the fireworks which were amazing!  We saw them last year and were impressed but this year they were even better.  It made my day that they had last  years National Day song playing along to the fireworks because I LOVE it even though it’s basically what I think is probably Arabic cheesy music.  This year just to up the anti even more they had a lazer show which was very cool.  We saw it the next evening from my balcony and it was really impressive the way the lazers lit up the whole beach!

The vibe was so fun, everyone was in party mood and determined to have a good time!  People were dancing along to the music and oohing and ahing over the fireworks.  It really was such a great evening!

Post fireworks we decided to go and have dinner at Eat Greek which was an old favourite that we haven’t been to in far too long.  The service was as good as we remembered from our previous visits and the food was sublime.  The meatballs were a particular favourite with both of us, the meat was perfectly tender and the sauce was so good we were dunking bread in it (sorry mummy not the best manners!)

I love National Day and it was so fun to celebrate with Bond and members of our community!


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