Bridge of Spies


bridge_of_spies_poster1The moment that Bond saw the trailer for ‘Bridge of Spies’ he was desperate to see it.  Then my parents saw it and said it was incredible, and then Bond’s parents joined in and said it was the must see film of 2015 and so tickets were booked for the first evening of the long weekend!  No trip to the cinema is complete without a trip to the counter, I am so obsessed with their veggie burgers it’s mad.

Having binged on good food we went to the cinema where Bond treated us to slushies and popcorn.  The cinema was pretty full so we realised we weren’t the only people who had heard good things about this film.

We ended up agreeing with our parents, it’s a really well done film with an amazing cast, Tom Hanks is incredible as always.  He just doesn’t put a foot wrong in his portrayal of a Lawyer who has to defend a Russian Spy.

What starts as a court case soon escalates to Mr Hanks getting involved in some deep cover Cold War spying. It was great to see parts of Berlin that I have now been to and it made me really excited for my holiday as I will be in Berlin this time next week!!

I don’t want to say too much because it’s really a great film and a large part of why it works is all the suspense.  I urge you to go and see it.  I enjoyed it so much the book is now on my kindle for Christmas reading (festive indeed!)

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