Rugby 7’s

20121021_emirates-airline-dubai-rugby-sevens-2012On Friday for my friend’s birthday a bunch of us headed to the Rugby 7’s to celebrate with her and her boyfriend.  I haven’t been to any Rugby 7’s before so I was intrigued to see what it would be like here.  We all took a bus which was fun and put us in a good mood for the rest of the day.  Once we survived the mad queue we found some really great seats and then the legal eagle went and got in the ciders.

We enjoyed sitting in the sun and chatting away while we drank cider (which it transpires I quite enjoy!) and Bond and I ate some really yummy pork ribs, they were literally finger licking good.  I will admit I watched very little rugby…but then neither did anyone else!


There was a fairly bizarre but amusing half time show – I missed the beginning but it seemed to be about the earth and sea?  There were also some cheerleaders, the legal eagle’s boyfriend and I found them most lacklustre and said they were rather an embarrassment to the great sport of Cheerleading.  There wasn’t a spirit finger in sight… Probably the biggest shock was the streaker – it’s not something I EVER thought I would see in Dubai!

At around 8 pm we decided to head back to the city and the others went to Barasti but Bond and I decided it was time to head home and eat again…

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