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blogIt has been far too long since I wrote.   I decided to take a break over Christmas so I could really enjoy being with my friends and family and not get distracted taking photos and reading on my phone.  However when I got back to Dubai I didn’t really feel very inspired and so the break sort of dragged out a bit.  Today though I feel is the time to get back to it and write a bit of an update of the last few weeks!

To begin with a very belated ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!  I hope that 2016 brings you everything you could wish for and more, I look forward to following your next adventures over this year and to hearing all your news! I hope that you all had a fabulous time celebrating Christmas and New Year and that Santa was suitably generous!!

article-2355472-1aa8ccfb000005dc-616_964x638For my celebrations I flew back to London for a few days to catch up with friends and to meet my beyond gorgeous second cousin.  The first day I arrived I remembered just how expensive taxis are having got rather too spoiled by the Dubai taxi rates!  On arriving at my apartment the lovely couple we rent to (who are old friends) had breakfast waiting for me which was so kind, it made it feel like coming home.  They both had to get to work and so I went off to meet my friend T and his new Belgian girlfriend who proved to be as fun and lovely as I had been told!  We had a great time!


After seeing them I went off to meet my friend Boo, she’s fabulous and it has been way too long since I saw her!  She actually ran to hug me which was lovely!!  We spent hours together putting the world to rights which was great and very necessary after a year apart.  There may have been a few ‘vital’ purchases made before we parted company as well…oops!  I really didn’t ‘need’ vine vera skin care but I love it!  We really had a fabulous day showing off her dog all over London, we kept getting stopped so people could admire him…really he is practically a celebrity!

aIn the evening I went with two friends to watch a carol concert that another friend of mine was singing in in my local church.  It felt properly festive and I loved it, even if the three of us  were quite naughty making jokes!  All in all it was a lovely day full of fun and I felt very Christmassy by the time I was back home drinking champagne with my friends.


I couldn’t resist one of these for baby James!

On my second day in London I went to meet my two friends who have both had babies.  My oldest friend has two kids now and my fabulous musical friend just had baby number one.  Honestly these children are so cute. Baby James won me over completely when he lay happily in my arms for ages without crying, I felt like the baby whisperer!  It was a really lovely morning playing with them and catching up on news from my friends.   I did learn that motherhood means being able to multitask on a whole new level, while giving her daughter a pain tattoo of a crown my friend managed to oversee lunch and hold a conversation!

don_tpg_005-1024x681I then headed over for lunch with the Tomcat who was in Dubai a while ago.  We decided to be proper Chelsea ladies who lunch and so met at the Ivy Chelsea Garden.  A couple of glasses of champagne aided us in chatting about all and sundry but time flew as always with her far too fast!  It really was great fun to see her and hear all her news and the Ivy is a great new addition to the Kings Road.  Sadly when I left I realised that my wallet had been stolen on the pavement while I waited for a taxi.  This rather tainted the day although it had a positive side.  My amazing friend who lived in Abu Dhabi for a bit lent me her debit card so I wouldn’t be penniless!  She was a super star about the whole thing.

original_you-re-engaged-sentiments-cardIn the evening I had dinner with one of my closest friend who just got engaged so we celebrated with her fiancee at the Bumpkin. It was so lovely to see them both and it totally distracted me from the horrid wallet thief! My friend is so happy and her fiancee is just so kind and considerate like her – they are truly the perfect match.  After dinner we went to join a load of my friends and had a fantastic time partying into the wee small hours.  It was fantastic to see everyone and hear their news – now I am working on persuading everyone to come to Dubai to visit so we can have more fun together!

The following day I went to play ‘Auntie’ to my cousins two gorgeous children!  I loved every moment of being with them, I felt totally worshipped – my niece even curtsied for me which was hilarious!  We skyped my parents too and it was lovely to be all together (albeit virtually in some cases)!  I am hoping they manage to make a trip out here so we can all play by the beach…there is a water park you really need children to play in that I am desperate to check out (naturally a selfless act…!)

In the evening my friend F who is basically the big brother I never had took me out for dinner at Harvey Nichols, in a miraculous turn of events he even paid for said meal…unheard of believe me!  It was lovely to catch up as I haven’t seen him in over a year as he was away when I was last in London.  He’s another one I have to drag to Dubai – he looked in need of some sun and fun to be honest.

All in all London was great in spite of the best efforts of the wallet thief and rain to ruin it…that said any plans to move back have been put on hold for now!

6 thoughts on “Back to the blogosphere

  1. Mother Mands says:

    I think the snow is on it’s way soon, Christmas seems destined to be a bit of a soggy affair in future with the frost ‘n snow coming in the new year. Sorry to hear about your wallet, but glad you had a great time besides, always great to catch up with friends!
    Happy New Year to you too and I look forward to all your adventures 😀


    • widerangingramblings says:

      It does seem like snow is a January thing rather than a Christmas thing now! Our last snow Christmas was years ago, my mother thought my grandmother and I were joking when we kept telling her to drive safely…turns out our village was the only one with snow!! Weird microclimate! Thanks for the lovely wishes for the New Year, all the best for you too!! xx


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