The revenant…

maxresdefaultBond insisted we go to see The Revenant and even booked tickets online.  I have to admit I was somewhat less excited as it didn’t really seem my thing, still he endured the minions for me so he was due a film of his choosing.  We had a quick bite to eat at Counter before hand which was lovely, the veggie burger remains perfection!

From the beginning I realised that indeed The Revenant really was not my thing and two and a half hours later I hadn’t changed my mind.  I was not alone in this, people actually left the cinema before the end!  It just felt interminable, I hate films that seem to just take too long to deliver their message.  I realise that this is based on a true story and it is an incredible story of survival and revenge hut it could have been told equally well in a more concise way.  Bond disagreed with me and liked it but I partly suspect that’s because he chose it…

Leonardo DiCaprio puts in an incredible performance and he definitely deserves an award, perhaps this time the Oscar will be his!  Tom Hardy also puts in a sterling performance as the villain of the piece.  I was also pleased to see William Poulter who is a great talent and who I imagine will continue to do brilliant things.  None of the acting lets this down, it’s a talented cast who act their socks off.  It was the total lack of dialogue that let the film down in my opinion.  You really knew so little about any of the characters that it was really hard to care what happened to them.  I am a total crybaby in the cinema and this didn’t make me shed a tear and believe me some of the things he endures are terrible…I just didn’t feel emotionally invested in any of it which made it really unenjoyable.

It’s also an extremely gruesome film, there is so much blood and gore that I found really unsettling.  A lot of it seemed somewhat gratuitous too…I don’t want to give away too much but there were parts I felt quick sick watching!

The scenery is stunning though and the way it is filmed really makes you feel like you’re right there, the wilds of America are beautifully portrayed.  The depiction of the Native American feels respectful and is handled well, in fact the French and Americans come off as savages.  I think if this is your genre of film you’re likely to love it and be impressed by the cinematography…but if you’re on the fence I’d advise you to pass!

I would love to hear people’s opinion – maybe I missed something!


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