Fabulous fireworks, sensational sushi and a new toy!

3066This was truly a lovely weekend!  On Friday the weather was perfection so Bond and I chilled by my pool and soaked up some rays. There were some of the happiest kids playing which added a nice soundtrack to the day.  We had a relaxing time reading and then Bond headed off for his run while I sat at home and did some knitting and watched Frasier, my new addiction!  It was a lovely chilled day but I have to admit I was most excited for the evening….

It’s the shopping festival in Dubai at the moment and in order to celebrate this the municipality have decided to have fireworks for every weekend in January.  I LOVE fireworks sooooo much so I was determined to go and see these.  They more than lived up to our expectations, it was five minutes of stunning fireworks over the ocean, I enjoyed every second as did Bond.  My new favourites are the ones that look like golden rain – it’s the only rain I feel like being near! I become such a kid when the fireworks are on, they always put me in a good mood and so I was bouncing around at the carnival they currently have on.  Bond tried to win me a bear but the whole thing was totally rigged, he was the only one to come close though so not a total loss!


Having enjoyed ourselves we decided to indulge ourselves even more with dinner at the cheesecake factory.  Bond ordered breaded chicken strips, the portion was huge and so we decided the wise move was to buy cheesecake to have the following evening,  such restraint makes me feel like a grown up!  I got a slab of the Oreo cheesecake and Bond got vanilla bean.  I am a huge fan of cheesecake and when I found out that the Cheesecake factory was in Dubai I was perhaps a tad too excited, I am always happy to go!  It was a really lovely date night and we are lucky Dubai frequently lays on random fireworks for our enjoyment!

photo1jpgOn Saturday I went to meet an old friend from London who is contemplating a move here which would be wonderful!  We met at the Surf Cafe for sushi and fresh juice.  The place is really lovely and has a terrific chilled vibe.  The staff were delightful and the service was quick but not so much we felt rushed, the ideal balance.  After our yummy sushi we ruined the health binge by having deep fried profiteroles, they were beyond yummy and are on my new naughty but nice list.  Definitely a good find, although I will warn you the parking is less than ideal and I had to hoof it to the place so I was late which I hate, luckily D was super chilled about it.  We had such a fun time catching up and then we went back to the flat she is staying in at the moment.  She has an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, apparently she can see the fountains too – you can imagine my jealousy, but she says that actually it can get a bit irritating, too much of a good thing I guess?!

iphone 6sAfter our lovely lunch I headed to Mall of the Emirates to make an all important purchase…having broken yet another budget phone I decided 2016 was the time for a new iPhone.  Thanks to lovely Akash at the apple store I was able to trade in my old phone for some cash off the new one.  I chose the rose gold 6s 64 GB and it is beautiful, I bought a nice case and a reinforced glass screen taht they set up for me in Virgin and now it’s up and running.  I am a tiny bit obsessed with my new toy, and I have named him Igor so now he can go along with Magnus the Mac.  He works brilliantly and he looks rather stylish too, a fantastic addition to my life!  Fingers crossed I take better pictures now…

s-l225Having left Bond all day I felt bad so did some errands and a few gifts were bought.  Who knew a couple of pairs of Abercrombie and Fitch socks could bring someone so much pleasure, it turns out he REALLY hates walking on cold tiles so these are the perfect random gift.  It really makes me smile how much pleasure Bond gets from something so small, he has such a great love of life and it’s infectious to be around!

All in all I feel very lucky after this wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Fabulous fireworks, sensational sushi and a new toy!

  1. Clare says:

    That cheesecake! Is it wrong I always focus on the food? 😉
    Igor is a handsome devil, look after him. I’m taking care of his slightly older brother, I seem to have broken his mute switch though so we have had a little tiff. 😣


    • widerangingramblings says:

      The food tends to be a focus for me so I can’t fault you! I am going to try to take more pictures of yummy food now I have a decent camera!
      Igor is a superstar, he is insured and protected so he best not break on me! I hope you can get the mute switch sorted, what a bore!!!


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