Cosmic Cosmos and Hospital Hotels

23499303-illustration-with-hand-drawn-cosmopolitan-cocktail-stock-vectorLast night the musketeers decided to meet again, one of the girls offered to host us and make us cosmos.  She turned out to be quite the bar tender and they were absolutely delicious!!  I was most impressed, she even had swanky glasses.  I actually regret not watching her make them so I can replicate it. I suppose it’s an excuse to meet again! We had such a lovely time chatting away and putting the world to rights as ever!  Even though we just saw each other we had lots to say and suddenly it was 11.30!  I quickly strolled home so I could get my eight hours of vital shut eye!

I fear the cosmo may have made me agree to play tennis at some point…so there could be some comedy tales in the future!

This morning my lovely boss asked if I minded driving over to the hospital to collect some medication he needs.  This is never a problem as I love a quick jaunt around Dubai and having never been to a Dubai hospital I was curious to see what it was like.  Well I was certainly not disappointed!!

image1There was valet parking…of course I discovered this after I parked! Then on entering the so-called hospital I thought I had in fact gotten lost and ended up in a hotel!!  The entrance was lovely and there was a grand piano playing.  In the corner was a juice bar and a Patchi chocolate shop.  The ‘waiting room’ was another hotel style area and the whole place felt somewhat blissful.  I defy people not to feel better simply by arriving.  In typical Dubai style it took ages for the medicines to be made ready for me which was great as I had my kindle with me.  I sat back and relaxed and made the most of this impromptu chill time.  I will be volunteering to go there regularly!

Now I tried to upload a video I took of said lobby but wordpress wouldn’t let me – any whizzkids out there who can help me?  I would be very grateful!





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