This is my kind of January!

why-do-we-need-vitamin-d-infographic-e1413579868543I spent most of my weekend poolside enjoying the sunshine, I read that there are many benefits to sun exposure as it increases Vitamin D in the body.  Apparently 10 minutes a day without sunscreen are enough to trigger Vitamin D in your body and ward off a lot of health concerns.  I decided that as I have access to the sun I should probably make the most of it – years of missing out on sun in London has taken a toll!  I do my ten healthy minutes and then it’s straight on with my new favourite sunscreens, Nivea protect and bronze for my body and Decleor DD cream for my face.  Bond found both for me and thanks to his efforts I am even starting to develop a bit of a tan so I will keep it up until the summer kicks off in earnest when it will feel akin to sitting on the sun when we sit outside here!

The pool by my apartment is lovely and I always enjoy the kids playing and having fun.  I am quite envious of one little girl who has a mermaid tail when she swims!  I really want one but Bond says I am a grown up…so dull!  I recently brought back a load of magazines from the UK and so I have been working my way through them so that they can finally go and be recycled rather than cluttering the apartment!  It’s fun to read about things happening in the UK and to keep up with books that are being recommended as well as top TV shows so that I don’t feel totally out of the loop when I speak to my old friends back in Blighty!  In fact I need to go through all the pages I turned the pages off so I can update my reading and viewing list and then get the magazines recycled now that my office is offering recycling.  Progress is being made on the recycling front finally here in Dubai, this should make Tara happy!

I was chatting to a few friends over WhatsApp at the same time and they decided they weren’t such big fans of mine when I told them what I was up to.  I tried very hard to downplay it but it’s hard not to sound a bit smug when they are freezing while I lather up with sunscreen.  That said the campaign to get everyone I care about to relocate is going very well indeed…

yummy-calamariAs well as hanging by the pool Bond and I met our lovely friends for drinks at my place before dinner at Busabaeathai in JBR.  I’ve been to the restaurant in London but have yet made it to the JBR branch despite it being on my doorstep.  We were lucky to get a lovely table outside with a view of the sea and the temperature was perfect.  The food proved to be a tad spicier than it’s London sister, turns out they have an authentic Thai chef.  I would urge any one to have the calamari, it’s truly wonderful and has a light fluffy batter and you can really taste the calamari.  I went for the Lamb curry which was really delicious, I teamed it with sticky rice which was the perfect texture – my friends husband had the same and we both felt suitably smug that we weren’t sweating away while Bond and his wife melted…Apparently the Pad Thai came with a real kick as did the Thai green curry!  They both learned the hard way that these guys aren’t kidding when they put that ‘s’ for spicy next to a menu item!  It was a lovely evening catching up with them and I can’t wait for the next time, we have decided to do some more exploring of other restaurants near us, quite a few new ones have opened so it will be fun to check them out.

95500bf85b275fd5a1a5c930e61a2e98It was pretty late so we decided not to go for desert…all the better for me as they kindly bought me Hummingbird cupcakes to thank me for having them for drinks and I have been happily enjoying them ever since!  The chocolate is my favourite but the red velvet is the one they are most famed for.  I always enjoyed this place in London and it’s lovely to have it on our doorstep.


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