Perfect Products

I have recently found some new products that have really wowed me and so I thought I would share them with you!  New year new me and all that!

1001788_0001-originalNUXE is a brand that I have fallen for (sorry Caudalie, you have competition!)  I went to Sephora looking for a moisturiser that really packed a punch as my current one just didn’t seem up to the job.  The lovely lady there got me started with a serum and moisturiser that work together.  Both products smell gorgeous and feel so smooth on the skin, I am a bit obsessed with the creme fraiche moisturiser!  They really keep my skin soft and I don’t have that dryness any more.  I am tempted to try more products in the range, I hear that their micellar water is really good too!  As well as taking care of my face, they also do a body range; NUXE body contouring oil is an absolute marvel, having always hated my legs because of cellulite this has actually made a difference!  It feels lovely on your skin and smells divine too, I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone who has issues with their skin on their legs.  It’s selling on at a really reduced rate for those bargain hunters out there too!


I think the fact it looks like medicine is quite appealing…

Dr Sebagh eye cream – I have a real hatred of the dark circles I have around my eyes (any hints to get rid of them would be greatly appreciated!!) as a result I have tried a lot of different products.  My latest find is this Dr Sebagh ‘eye primer lift’ – now it has not really made much difference to the dark circles, however any sign of wrinkles has been eradicated and my whole eye area does look better.  I will have to see what products they offer for dark circles!  I am a big fan of the brand and was lucky to find a lot of it on sale as it’s not a cheap product sadly!



Ionic hair brush – this was a Christmas present from my mother and I have to say it is a hit.  I find that it makes my hair look smoother and frizz free and it also seems to be making my hair a bit stronger. It’s cordless so you can carry it in your handbag to ward off any frizz that may come throughout the day!

davineswellDavine’s hair products – while I was in Berlin the wonderful Mariusz got me started on this new range of products.  Love hair smoother is truly terrific, having forgotten to use it once I can really testify to the difference that it makes when you use it styling your hair! Their Love conditioner is also wonderful, it’s like a mask and Mariusz said to use it once a week which I have been doing and I can really see the difference.  It’s so good that my mother has strict orders to bring me more!  Looking at their web site Davine’s seem to do a different range for every kind of hair so I am sure you can find something for you!  The hair builder looks like it could be next on my list…


OGX shampoo and conditioner – as I only have the weekly conditioner and styling creme from Davines I needed to get a new shampoo and conditioner to use day to day as apparently the Kerastase I was using was ‘ALL Wrong’ – picture that said by a very tall and stern Polish man and you’ll see why I decided I needed to change!  He said that the way forward was something organic and containing Moroccan oil.  When I went to my chemist she said to go for OGX as apparently it’s wonderful.  Having used it for a few weeks now I have to agree, this stuff is great (although it’s not strictly speaking organic)! My hair feels stronger and shinier than before and the product smells really lovely too even if you skip a day washing…

EGC press release SGJo Malone Fragrance – this was a Christmas present from Bond and I love it.  He actually managed to find a fragrance from there that I love.  I am pretty impressed because every time I have been to the store myself I have failed to find ‘the one’ and at that price you want it to be perfect.  The one he got me is cucumber and Earl Grey which sounds odd but somehow really works.  I use it every day and it works well for day and evening which is always a bonus! He got me the grapefruit body lotion too which I am waiting to use once my Kiehl’s souffle ends so I can tell you what it’s like, it smells great that much I do know.


5ecde6523a02a25e6148d6d272bfdc81MUFE lipstick – a recent gift from my lovely friend I have become a tad overly keen on my pink lipstick.  It’s apparently bang on trend and everyone at work has been raving about it. I think it’s going to be my signature look!  The feel of the lipstick is also really nice, it is very moisturising and long lasting, I couldn’t be more impressed!  MUFE hits it out of the park yet again!  They do a couple of different lipsticks, this one is Rouge Artist Intense and if you feel like getting in the pink the shade is ’36 Satin Fuschia’.


All in all these have all been great finds so I hope that if any of you try them you enjoy them as much as me!  Please do let me know!


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