I am the flat pack queen!

ikea_mainThis weekend Bond agreed to hit IKEA with me to get a chest of drawers to store my many make up/skin and hair products so that they no longer live all over the place!  While we were there of course we went a bit over board, the place is dangerous…

Bond also needed to get fitted for his suit to wear as an usher at his friend’s wedding, the only place to get this done was at Moss Bros so we headed over to Yas Mall (the only Moss Bros in the UAE – who sadly did not have the right suit).   As I have a bigger car than Bond (his flashy sports number was not designed with flat pack in mind!) I drove.  The last time Bond allowed me to chauffeur him was a few months ago, he said that I have improved greatly but that I am a speed junky and I have to agree!

ColourCheck; No InfoOn arrival at Ikea we did a tour around to see what the right chest might be and of course on the way many other things made their way into our trolleys.  We each got a fluffy rug for by our beds so that in the morning we don’t have to deal with the cold tiles.  Now that the temperatures are dropping and we both lack any kind of heating rugs are vital!  Bond also decided that he HAD to have a clothes horse because he fell in love with one in Marina Home but it was way too expensive.  On spotting this one in IKEA it was in his trolley pronto!

Eventually I decided that ‘Hemnes‘ was the ideal chest of drawers for me and I teamed him with the lovely ‘Arstid‘ light (typically odd Ikea names!) Having sorted our new furnishing it was time for some food!

We headed into the mall to have a feast at Giraffe which Bond treated me to.  I love the food there and the carbonara I had was absolute perfection.  Bond had enchiladas and they were yummy too.  The service was excellent and we will definitely be going back!
Before leaving we headed to Borders to collect Bond’s copy of 1984 – with his new obsession with Person of Interest I reckon it is a must read.  I may steal it for a re-read soon.  If you haven’t read it I definitely urge you too, it’s almost a bit TOO accurate to be honest though I warn you!

When we got all my bits and bobs back to mine I started building, I have been putting together flat pack furniture for years as my mother is not such a fan of this sort of thing and as it was just the two of us for quite a while my inner tom boy was called to play.  You should also see me whizz up and down a ladder to change a lightbulb!  The Hemnes proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I had previously come across, however I defeated it in the end (even though I bashed my nail with the hammer!)  I get a big sense of accomplishment from building these things and I will enjoy using it all the more having built it! Now they live with the gorgeous Pouf Bond got me and my full length mirror and I finally feel like a real grown up with a proper dressing table!  One day I am hoping for the real princess dressing table but for now my new set up is definitely very swanky.

I also got myself some Muji storage pieces to make sure it all stays looking good and tidy…Muji is fantastic for all sorts of bits and bobs you may think of.  I had to control myself and not get too many things!

Now with all my new kit the next challenge is to keep it all tidy, wish me luck!


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