Our new lunch find!

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The three musketeers and I work together in the same company but in two different buildings, sadly those buildings are basically in the middle of the desert. There is very little to do around here.  We are lucky that our building is lovely and we have a great canteen so it’s not really an issue…however we have often said what a shame it is not to get a change of scene once and a while.  So you can imagine how N and I clapped with glee when S announced she had found a place to jaunt too that was only a few minutes away!

We hopped into the ever-trusty Victor and following S’s directions we found ourselves in PARADISE!!  Honestly how this is just five minutes from our office is beyond me, it’s like a whole new world….

As you can see I even remembered to take pictures of this little slice of happiness, the koi fish pond was especially pleasing as I love them! The three of us decided Oregano was our restaurant of choice after we surveyed our options and so we took our seat under a big sun umbrella we decided this was the life indeed!

image1 (2)We all had a lemon and mint cocktail, which was lovely and refreshing. I had a delicious bolognaise risotto, I haven’t had it before and it really was wonderful.  I thoroughly recommend this combination of two Italian favourites!  One of my friends had a beef pepperoni pizza which she said was great and the healthy lean yet lovely machine had a ceaser salad which I admit we judged her for!  She even vetoed cake…In spite of such restrictions it was so much fun to go out and enjoy such great food in the sunshine especially with such a lovely view!  I am sure we will be regulars there now we have found it.

The question is do we share the secret with our colleagues or just keep it to ourselves?



8 thoughts on “Our new lunch find!

  1. Tara says:

    Hello! Are you still there? I hope you’re just busy finding fab new restaurants to eat at 🙂

    You know you said a million years ago that you’d read my three chapters for me? I think I’m ready 🙂 Are you still interested? If so please can you email me tara@taragreaves.com (I hope it doesn’t think I’m spam) and I’ll send it to you.


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