Ladies who brunch!

On Friday I met up with the other two musketeers and a friend who was visiting S.  We decided to go to the Westin for their Bubbleicious brunch and what a great decision that proved to be!  They serve yummy fizz and all manner of food.  The sushi was a particular highlight, they have professionals making it live and it really was so fresh.  From sushi to lobster and oysters we really did well on luxury sea food!  Then we moved on to the lovely salads all of which were to die for.  Then moving from there we had mains – my highlight were the arancini balls.  The others said the truffle stand was their favourite though and I have to agree the eggs with truffles were fantastic!  Then we moved on to cheese, there were two HUGE tables heaving with every kind of cheese you can think of.  I am a cheese fiend and I had a big plate of every variety that I love.  The pork table was also impressive, I didn’t even know that many types of salami even existed!

The desserts deserve a whole paragraph because they were so incredible!  I could have drowned in all the chocolate cakes they had, each one better than the last.  There was a chocolate fondue, both dark and white chocolate with every sort of fruit and naughtiness you could dip into it.  For those who aren’t chocolate mad there were macaroons and eclairs of every possible flavour as well as fruit tarts and cheesecakes. Once we were satisfied with these treats we found another secret room of treats!!!  You go through the curtain and end up in a ‘mad hatters tea party’ with yet more cake…my absolute find was a green cake that tasted of marzipan but was sponge, I don’t know how they did it but I must must find it again one of these days!  They even had dry ice which they were using to freeze vodka.  It was quite a bizarre thing but it looked cool.

The whole brunch was spectacular from start to finish with every sort of cuisine you could imagine.  They even had lots of different cocktail stands, including a Hendrick’s gin booth!!  I am eager to go back with Bond so he can see what he thinks, I suspect he will be a fan.

After brunch we went to Oeno wine bar to have a couple more drinks and some dancing! There is always a fun vibe there and they play great cheesy music to dance to.  We got our boogie on to all the old favourites which was great fun!  At around 7 I left the others to it and headed to meet Bond to watch movies (more on that in another post!)

If you live in Dubai or you’re planning a visit then definitely do hit the Westin.


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