Picture fest!

As I was unable to post photos till now here are a few worth having a look at…beware if you’re hungry though!! It’s all food…

Apparently captions won’t work…baby steps eh wordpress!  So from top left:

Valentine’s Day dessert plate, haddock course, smoked salmon, the famous foie gras brulee and my favourite white tomato soup.

Chicken Ceaser salad at Le Meridien, really very delicious and healthy (or so I tell myself because I have heard the viscous rumours about Ceaser salad dressing and it’s hidden calories!!)

Mary’s Chocolate (also the last photo) are specially brought over by my parents, you can’t get them outside of Belgium and I can tell you they are smart to hoard them!!  They are SOOOOO good.  It’s fair to say that there have been a couple of disagreements with Bond about his inability to share said chocolates nicely…I am certain he has had more than me!

Jamie’s truffle risotto, truly delicious and if all their food is this good I am definitely in a rush to go again.  The mint and lemon juice is also from there and is equally excellent!

Cremolata ice cream – this is the famous kinder ice cream that is truly to die for!!!  Hunt it down if you can!!

The shrimps and the fish are from the fish shack, the crust on the fish is really well done, so light that you can really taste the freshness of the fish.

I hope you’re not too hungry now!!





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