Tom & Serg


Yesterday we went to the much raved about Tom & Serg restaurant.  I wish I could tell you that it lived up to the hype but honestly I felt somewhat underwhelmed by the experience. The interior is sort of ‘hipster style’, in that it’s basically a warehouse look that hasn’t had much done to it beyond adding the kitchen and furniture.  I did get a laugh at the fact they called their hot chocolate ‘Oprah rich’ though!

The staff are very friendly and can’t be faulted, we were served promptly and by smiling happy people.  The only thing was the food almost came too fast, we wondered just how fresh those eggs could possibly be!  While the food was yummy it certainly wasn’t the epic meal I had been led to expect…

IMG_2605We had the ‘Baghdad Scramble’ which is so raved about it’s even been mentioned on Radio shows.  While the harissa sausage was a highlight the over all meal was basically just a snooty eggs and sausage…maybe I have been spoiled by too many English breakfasts back home!?

I will rate the double chocolate milkshake though, really it was excellent!  Bond had a salted caramel milkshake which he said was very good and he is quite the conoisseur.  I have to say that as far as Tom & Serg goes it’s probably best if you fancy a nice atmosphere for a coffee while you read or tap away on your laptop (which most people seemed to be doing) .  For those of you who want good food and a better vibe and view then you really can’t beat the lovely Leopold’s which I have raved about many times!



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