I have always enjoyed Will Smith films, from laughing my way through the Men in Black franchise to weeping my way through In Pursuit of Happiness I have always been impressed by his diversity and talent.

His latest movie ‘Concussion’ was on a subject I didn’t really know about it but by the end of the film I found myself fascinated by the topic.  The movie centres around a Nigerian Doctor who discovers that NFL players are developing brain damage because of the sport. He proves that the impact on the brain is more than it can handle and that inevitably leads to major damage.

Several players exhibited symptoms and came to tragic ends, it’s really terribly sad to watch these huge men being destroyed by the sport they love.  It makes total sense when you think about it, and yet somehow the NFL have been keeping this covered up for years. The angle of the NFL cover up adds a lot to the movie.

There is also a love story element which adds a nice layer to the film – this is really the part that led to tears on my part…

Honestly I enjoyed every moment and I urge you to watch it, both for his fantastic performance and for the subject matter.


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