Sensational St. Regis


Recently the fantastic, talented and hard working Bond got a promotion at work!  In order to reward him for this achievement I organised a night out for the two of us so he could really know how proud I am of him!  The above is a picture of Dubai’s new answer to Paradise or rather how it will be in the future once some construction is finished!

File_000The beautiful and stunning St. Regis recently opened in Dubai and I have been very keen to go as the branch in Abu Dhabi wowed us when we went there.  From before we even arrived I was impressed! I sent an email to make the booking and asked that they arrange a cake to say ‘Congratulations’.  I got a lovely e-mail back confirming everything and congratulating Bond and saying it would be their pleasure to ensure it was a special evening!

File_002Well they MORE than delivered on their promise, we were escorted to the bar where the lovely lady welcomed us and congratulated Bond.  Then we had delicious champagne cocktails with a French theme, a Paris Bloom for me and a French 75 for Bond.  They were both wonderful and came with lovely olives and canapes.  As we finished the cocktails they presented Bond with a cake with gold leaf and chocolate writing saying ‘congratulations’.  The lovely lady said that she just wanted us to know how thrilled the bar staff were!  So sweet and it really put a big smile on Bond’s face!  For those cocktail fiends amongst you here is a link to their bar menu, I thoroughly recommend giving them a whirl at home!!  Don’t say I don’t spoil you…

From cocktails we moved across the hallway for dinner at J&G steakhouse, on arrival we got another lovely greeting and were led to a great table.  The atmosphere is perfection, it has a chilled New York style vibe – even the background music is ideal.  A bartender came over with a trolley all set to make Martini’s.  He asked for our preferences and got to work! Bond was very appropriate and had a straight martini (shaken not stirred of course!) and I was untraditional and had an elderflower martini, which was new to me and tasted delightful.  It was so fun to see the martinis being made at the table and really added to the sense of it being a special occasion.

File_005Menus were presented to us and I went for the Calamari and Bond had the three cheese ravioli.  Both were excellent, the calamari was a real hit – the portion size was generous enough that we could share…i’d love to tell you about the ravioli but I didn’t get a look in! Bond reliably informs me I should try it next time we go!  For the main I went for the Wagyu cheeseburger which truly was EPIC and Bond had the pork ribs which I was allowed to try and they weer wonderful.  I hate to admit but I think he won the ordering!  All told though both meals were delicious and presented really well.  The waiter was SO delightful and charming I even told the mangeress how impressed I was and how the service had really made the evening for us.

No sooner had the manageress left the waiter reappeared for another cake for Bond!  We couldn’t believe it, two cakes was far more than I expected and it really made Bond’s night!  We were having so much fun we went back to the champagne lounge for a nightcap so we could really make the most of the evening!

I honestly can not fault any part of the evening and I really can’t wait to go back…I suspect it will be the venue of many happy memories to come.  Add it to your ‘must go’ places – you won’t regret it!

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