Well that escalated quickly…

Yesterday morning I decided that a little bit of rain wasn’t going to defeat Percy Peugeot and me so off we went to the office!  Well it turned out that Dubai was feeling ambitious and wanted to throw the biggest storm of it’s life (so I am told!) and Percy and I did start to question our sanity when a lorry went passed us and the water went over the top of the car.

After this moment my little car and I started to feel a little bit overwhelmed (well I did, I don’t really know what emotional state Percy was in, though he did seem to groan rather a lot!) I ended up having to give myself rather a lot of pep talks!  I even quoted the little engine that could to motivate Percy.  It all got rather intense, there were nearly tears if I am honest.  I have never seen anything like it and I really did think I was going to break down and be stranded.  I felt like a major achiever when I rolled in to the office and my boss was suitably impressed by my chutzpah so that made up for some of it.

On arrival everyone was sharing horror stories, everyone was pretty shocked by it all. No sooner than we had all settled down to work we heard a major commotion in the lobby of the building.  I went to investigate only to discover that there seemed to be a gas leak and we were all told to head home.  That was easier said than done as the roads were nearly all flooded…we decided to wait it out a bit in the canteen and then my friend with a Hummer offered to take me so Percy could recuperate at the office.

Off we went on our adventure only to turn the corner and see our poor colleague whose car had been flooded.  We stopped to try and help and watched while a lorry came to tow him away…poor guy, it really was so unfortunate as it transpired to be a new car!  Once we had checked all was under control we headed off again…it took twenty minutes to find a way out even with her tank but eventually we made it to the metro station and I was able to get home after a somewhat wet walk home…turns out I don’t own an umbrella in Dubai, oops!

This morning I walked out to sunshine and easily got a taxi, woohoo I thought, things are back to normal…well famous last words indeed.  It took two and a half hours of traffic, driving through mini lakes and some seriously impressive navigation on the part of my driver but somehow here I am at the office!

Very few people have made it in today due to the traffic chaos and I think I will have to leave early so I get home before nightfall.  Really it may be time for some drainage Dubai?!



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