Amazing Art Dubai

IMG_2934Last night my friend arranged for Bond and I to get VIP tickets for Art Dubai opening night. He works for a New York art gallery that takes a stand here in Dubai.  So it was great on two fronts, I got to enjoy fantastic art as a VIP so I could actually see the art rather than attempting to see around crowds of people and I got to see a really good friend!

There really isn’t a great deal of  culture here in Dubai but they are really trying to change that.  Art Dubai is a large part of this change.  It’s a great opportunity to go and see all sorts of art from all around the world and to meet the dealers as well so you can learn more about the pieces.  Even some of the artists are around too so you can actually hear from the experts on what motivated them and inspired their art.  It’s fascinating!

There was also a Piaget exhibition with lots of vintage pieces from the sixties and seventies, they were SO beautiful and very different in style to the sort of things you see today.  The cuffs with inbuilt watches were really incredible and intricate.  It was wearable art to be honest.  I have a deep love of sparkly things so I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was however a nightmare to take pictures because everything reflected…if you do want to ooh and ah please go and read this article to read more and to see great photos!

The venue is HUGE, with several massive galleries that you can wander around.  They also have bars everywhere too so it’s a really sociable vibe.  We enjoyed it so much we are thinking of going back again when I am in flat shoes as my feet definitely were suffering by the end.  So much so we went to have a restorative cake at Al Qasr which was delicious!!

It’s really great to see that there is more culture coming to Dubai and my friend the expert tells me that up the road in Abu Dhabi the Louvre and the Guggenheim should be opening soon which truly will bring us the culture we crave.  Between these and our soon to be opened Opera house Dubai will be able to compete on all stages, shopping, dining, beach and culture!

If you’re based here definitely do check out Art Dubai – you won’t regret it!


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