C25k – stage two


Yesterday Nat and I headed off to the gym again.  Now Nat is particularly impressive here because the little pool champ only made it home at 2am and so was not feeling her most spritely!  Anyway she was not one to wuss out and so we meandered over to the gym, donned our gym kit and got started.  Rather nicely the regulars were VERY encouraging that we had come back.

4754fe710cfdefe202370ca75b586147We commenced on the bike which we both quite enjoy, we did ten minutes and burned 60 calories doing the ‘fat burn’ workout that changes resistance as you go.  Then on to the main event…Week one day two of the C25K!  It’s the same routine, 5 minutes walking, then alternating 1 minute running and 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes before cooling off with a five minute walk.  Mid way through we both felt beyond hot, far worse than the previous time.  Inititally we put this down to the fact we had been drinking the night before but then thankfully our colleagues informed us that in fact we weren’t to be blamed…the a/c had broken!!!  Anyway we powered through sweating in a most unladylike manner, though again our colleague made us feel better by saying ‘sweat is just fat crying’ which made us really want to keep going.  We completed it and felt really good for not giving up inspite of the heat.  We then did a five minute stretch with Sworkit, though I am sure I did a few wrong.  I have such poor co-ordination I always seemed to be the wrong way round!  Anyway I don’t feel stiff today so it must have worked.

Next week we shall see how we go, but the good thing is we both want to continue.  It has to be a first for both of us to be so keen…my friend in London genuinely thinks I have lost the plot!  As yet I don’t think I have lost any weight but I feel a bit fitter and it has already had an impact on my energy levels!


Not one to only have one new adventure a day it was time to tame Rex again as he needed some food.  Off to the Petrol station we went…and from there on it was a comedy of errors. First of all I parked the wrong side for the petrol pump and about a metre away from the side.  Luckily the lovely Daprindra took pity on me and recruited a friend to help me get to where I needed to be and somehow managed to reach the side of Rex with the pump so that I didn’t have to manoeuvre too much.  Amazingly it only cost 85 AED to fill him up which is cheaper than Percy!!  I imagine his fuel consumption is far less efficient though, he strikes me as a greedy Gus.  Thanks to Daprindra (who I tipped handsomely) Nat and I sailed out with a satiated Gus and made it home in one piece, where on leaping out of the beast in my gym kit I felt like a real ‘Jumeirah Jane’. This was to the great amusement of my friends!


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