C25K – part 3!


Seems rather apt for C25K!

Honestly the fact that we made it to stage three came as a bit of a shock, I sort of thought we would go twice feel smug and then never darken the doors of the gym again!  However we both enjoyed it rather a lot last week and so off we trotted last night to do week 1 part 3.  Not only did we go back though, we upped our game!  So much so other gym goers were applauding (not really, but they should have been!!) one guy did say he had noticed improvement though…soon he will clap I am sure!

Anyway we commenced with our 10 minutes on the bike, which is basically gossiping while we bike to warm up.  Then we moved to the treadmill…where we walked at 5 as we had done previously but we ran at 7.5 instead of 7 – because we are MACHINES I tell you.  I certainly told Nat that a few times to amuse us!  We really nailed it this week, even with the new speed.  When the five minute walk circuit started we were surprised and were ready to run some more.  This programme definitely seems to work, because we find it doable we are able to push ourselves harder.


My body does not bend this way at all…but it will by hook or by crook I tell you!!!

After the run we hit the mat and did our stretches so we don’t feel stiff.  This session we also added some pilates.  Now let me tell you that is not an easy thing to do at all!!!   I am in awe of people who really go for it with Pilates!!  Maybe one day I will be one of those girls…but for now the five minutes we did were fairly tough…We think for now we we will stick with some light yoga and then work up to Pilates because there is no point doing it when we are doing it wrong!

Tonight we are going again because on Wednesday we have commitments and we really don’t want to lose momentum.  So wish us luck for Week two day one please!

Also for those of you who are working out or are looking for a reason to I heard about this app Charity Miles.  Apparently for every mile you move (walking, running or biking) they will give 25 cents to the charity of your choosing.  It seems like a win/win to me.  If you know of any other good apps that sponsor Charities please do let me know!





6 thoughts on “C25K – part 3!

  1. Tara says:

    I tried pilates a couple of times but didn’t really enjoy it. I know it’s supposed to be really good for your though and have a friend who swears by it. Well done!


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