C25K – Foiled

lets-be-skpping-the-gym-buddiesThose of you who read C25K – part 3 will know that Nat and I had great intentions to hit the gym again last night to commence C25K week 2.  In fact we were both quite looking forward to it!  HOWEVER it was not to be as Nat was roped in to work late in Abu Dhabi and by the time she got back the thought of hitting the gym was not appealing.  So we shirked it off and in true commitment to getting fit I stayed in and watched Broadchurch and ate a chocolate brownie and Ice cream sundae I made myself, it had raspberries but that doesn’t really make up for it.  While it tasted really good it does feel like a step backwards not going to the gym and stuffing myself with Haagen Dazs instead…


I was going to put a brownie picture here…but then I got hungry and had to stop looking at them!!  I hope the above inspires you to try running…if I can, you can!

I am trying to be positive about this failure though because for the first time in my life I wanted to go to the gym and I wanted to run and I was disappointed not to be able to do so. I never thought the day would come that I felt like that…till now the idea of working out has been quite repugnant.  In London I was happy to walk MILES in godawful weather sometimes to keep in shape but the idea of a gym just never worked for me.  Last night I was so keen I was almost tempted to go alone but then I thought I would end up ahead of Nat and that would be a bit unfair.  Plus Bond proposed the sundaes and as he is off on his mad run I feel bad denying him anything!  Note that while I may not be a fantastic gym goer my excuse making remains top notch…

Anyway to make up for our naughtiness (although Nat had some sort of healthy smoothie the traitor!!) we are going to the gym on Thursday night instead of going out and partying it up.  Not only will we gym but we plan to go for a long walk too while the weather is still bearable.  Then we will go to my place and eat a healthy meal and maybe just maybe have a glass of red wine, which as we all know is good for our hearts!


At the moment  this is the gym bunny I most closely resemble!

Turns out it takes more than a week and a half to kick bad habits…still onwards and upwards, tomorrow is a new day!  I will be a gym bunny yet!


8 thoughts on “C25K – Foiled

  1. Clare says:

    I’m exactly the same kind of gym bunny at the moment. Life has been getting in the way and lazy habits have crept in. I must try harder tomorrow!


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