Bye Bye Bond!

logo-mds-468Today Bond headed off to London so he can join up with the other mad runners to fly to Morocco to do the Marathon De Sables that some of you may have read about in ‘Bond’s last Hurrah’.  Tomorrow he flies to Morocco for some acclimitasation before the run begins.  Honestly I can’t believe the time has come, we have been talking about this for so long and he has trained so hard so I just hope it turns out to be the once in a lifetime event everyone says it is.  Also I hope he gets a good time because I know how important that is to him!

3ac533b32b67b7e09ac292573098ac30_1454176801Last night we had our last dinner together so that I could be sure Bond had a good meal in him for his journey.  It was his choice and he opted for Butcha, which was a bold shout as we hadn’t been there before!  It’s a relatively new steak house that we have heard good things about though so we figured we couldn’t go too far wrong.  We sat outside so I can’t tell you too much about the decoration but the tables outside were very comfortable and had very chic table lamps that sadly did not choose to photograph well!

File_000 (6)

Now to the main factors…service and food!  They scored on both fronts!!  The staff are lovely, efficient and knowledgeable about their menu.  They were able to advise on sides and sauces without being pushy about anything.  We started with mocktails and Bond said that his was without question the best he has had in Dubai.  It was ginger ale with mint leaves and I have to agree it really was good for something so simple!  My kiwi and apple cooler was equally good and I figure it’s a green juice so it must be good for me…it certainly tasted it anyway!


File_001 (4)

For food we decided to have a starter to share and went with the Butcha meat plate which is made up of a sujuk burger, a kofta and a meguez sausage.  All were absolutely delicious with the sujuk being the star.  It’s a good size to share  but is also manageable alone.


For our main course Bond predictably went for a HUGE burger with pepper sauce and garlic mash with green beans.  I decided to be healthy and had the skewered chicken.  Now usually I would end up with steak envy but I have to say the chicken was DIVINE!  It was very tender and tasty.  I would recommend it to everyone.  Bond loved his steak and it did look perfectly cooked.  He rated the pepper sauce but as that’s not my favourite I have to say I didn’t enjoy it, but if you do like pepper sauce I am sure it’s great!  The mash was lovely and presented very nicely too and the green beans were well cooked but I can only get so excited about a green bean really…

All in all a fantastic meal and a great experience.  On the way out they gave us 20% off so we are even more motivated to go for a return experience!

File_006We decided to be saintly and not have dessert and just go for a walk around…that only lasted until we saw Morelli’s gelato store where we somehow ended up sitting down having ice cream which Bond said wasn’t really dessert as it wasn’t cake!  I have to say I love the way he thinks.  Morelli’s is fabulous, I loved it in London and it’s just as good here in Dubai.  If you fancy a naughty treat do check them out!  They do some epic sundaes too depending on just how decadent you’re feeling…

We had a lovely evening and I hope that these nice memories will sustain Bond on his adventure.  I got quite emotional saying goodbye at the airport at 6.30 this morning because we won’t be able to talk much while he is away as apparently the desert doesn’t have great networks…come on du now is your moment to dominate a new market!!

Now that he is gone I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well and he comes back a happy camper!


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