C25K – Week two day one

mds finish

Now before we get to the C25K a quick Bond update.  The MDS tracker is now up and running and thanks to this great piece of kit I was able to work out when he was going to cross the finishing line.  It was so lovely to catch a glimpse of him as he finished and he was even smiling!!  I am very proud of him for making it this far because already 18 people have dropped out.  I feel so sorry for them because if they trained as hard as Bond it must really be hard not to complete the course, I hope that they get to do it again and finish it. So far Bond is in the top 500 so fingers crossed he can stay there.  Though really just finishing it is impressive enough!!!

ANYWAY while his running is obviously impressive I also ran yesterday and that’s what really matters…right?

week 2This week Nat has abandoned me because her parents are over but I figured I could try to go it alone and that way we wouldn’t quit.  So off I trotted only to find the gym totally empty and baking hot.  I felt this was not the most auspicious start but I stuck with it and hit the bike.  I did my ten minutes and even managed to burn a few more calories than usual.  Then I was on to the running, this time as I was alone I plugged in my music with the app so I could then hear Sarah in full glory.  I also decided not to watch the screen as this stage moves you up to running for two minutes and I didn’t want to pysch myself out watching the time pass.  I also moved up to running at 8 and walking at 5.5.  I did find it more challenging and I was certainly glad to get to the last run and then get to do the cool down walk, but I got through it and I think I have it in me again to do it twice more this week!

30000-hiitmax-users-worldwide-cant-be-wrong-hiitmax-is-proven-to-burn-more-fat-torch-crazy-calorie1Tonight I am going to try HIIT Max, it seems to have worked wonders for a friend of mine so let’s see what it does…I think interval training should work for me as it seems more interesting and that’s the premise of the C25K as well.  The HIIT Max should fit in with the C25K and the two will benefit each other as well.  I will report back on it tomorrow!

If I am honest I never though I would see the day I was seeking out workout plans but I guess this is the new me?!  I am even craving my bedtime yoga…it may be time to check I haven’t been a victim of body snatching!?


6 thoughts on “C25K – Week two day one

  1. Clare says:

    Check you! 🙂 Awesome willpower. 👏🏻
    I swing wildly between being a gym bunny and a lazy oaf, hopefully I can get back to being addicted to exercise once again, makes the pizza and cake addictions much easier to live with. 😉


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