C25K and a whole heap of working out!

613cc57f12bf960377d6424a5ab99043I am sorry I got rather behind in my C25K updates because I got a TAD obsessed with stalking Bond during the MDS.  He has however finished it now so I can get back to my blog!

Before the C25K update though a quick MDS chat…Bond managed to come in the top third which is incredible!!  I spoke to him last night and he sounded very relieved that it was over and very excited to come home!  It was lovely to hear his voice, I couldn’t believe how much I had missed his dulcet tones.  Now I am counting down till he gets back so he can tell me all about it over a glass of champagne.  Also I am going to try to persuade him to write a guest post so you can see what it was like from the horses mouth…apparently he took photos and videos too so that might be worth a look!

Now back to the C25K!!  I completed week 2 day 2 and although I found it a challenge I did get through it.  I was alone again as Nat was still with her parents.  However my colleagues were on full motivational form which was great.  I pumped up my tunes and just got down to it.  I am really enjoying it now, even when it gets tough I love the sense of achievement when it’s done. Now the error I made was getting chatting to a colleague and not doing my stretch off…something I REALLY regretted when it came to yoga the next day…it was BRUTAL as my muscles felt really tight.  Still I stuck with Adriene and got through it and felt great afterwards.


Having found a new liking of yoga and an instructor who makes it doable I have decided to do her ’30 days of yoga’ and I am on day 4 so far and it’s going well.  Some of it is really hard but Adriene shows ‘alternative’ moves for beginners which is great.  I can feel my muscles working which motivates me to keep going even when it’s tough and I am not sore afterwards so I am able to get back to it every day.

File_003(2)On top of all the yoga and C25King I also went for a long walk on the beach with my friend who is visiting.  It was really lovely to get out and enjoy the beach although the wind was a bit tough.  Still we caught the sunset which was gorgeous and had a really good chat.  There is something about being in nature that just makes you relax somehow.  I haven’t been to Kite beach before and it’s gorgeous.  I will have to go back more often for a walk.

All in all my new health kick is going well – if only I could really stick to a good diet I would be a new woman…curse my love of cake and all things naughty!!




4 thoughts on “C25K and a whole heap of working out!

  1. Tara says:

    Well done to Bond. I’d love to read (and see) his guest post, if you can get him to do it. Well done you too. I found it much harder doing C25K on my own. Keep it up, you’ll soon be there.


    • widerangingramblings says:

      I’ll tell him there’s demand!! I think he would actually get a kick out of it, I just have to persuade him of that. Yes, I’m lucky that although I’m doing C25k alone there are other people around who I know who are rooting for me. I’m very lucky to have that!


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