C25K – the one where the app went mad

…and decided I was ready for week 3 day 1 even though I was SURE I was still on week 2 day 3! Anyway the app was having none of my complaints so I decided I better bite the bullet.  I had done my ten minutes on the bike and stretched and so there was no more procrastinating to be done…

I fired up the treadmill and thought, gosh this is FINE, what a lot of fuss over nothing!  I did my 90 seconds of running and then my 90 seconds of walking like a champ and then Sarah Millican says ‘well done Pet now for 3 minutes of running’ and I nearly hit the roof! THREE MINUTES???  Is she mad I thought as I started my running…and then I kept running and running and it felt like a LIFETIME, honestly I thought she was never going to pipe back up and say walk!  When she finally did I felt like a champ for making it through, and then I got to walk for 3 minutes which was great.  Then it was back to running for 90 seconds and I was so relieved, I thought I was over the worst of it but I was WRONG!  Sarah pipes up again and says ‘off you go for another 3 minutes – you can do it’ and I am sure she meant to be inspiring but it failed and instead I found myself hating her for three minutes, only to love her again when she said I could walk.  My relationship with Sarah is a bit of a rollercoaster I have to say.  I walked my three minutes and then thanked my luck that it was just 90 seconds from then on!!

This session was a wake up call that I really needed to do this to get fit!  It shouldn’t be so difficult for me to run 3 minutes and I certainly shouldn’t feel the need to curse my favourite comedian during it!  Today is my rest day and then tomorrow I am back to it…hopefully having done it once I will find it easier to do it again!?  Fingers crossed anyway!

In happier work out news the yoga is still going well so hopefully I will keep both up and soon be a fitness guru!  Well at least a person who can run for a few minutes without wanting to cry?!

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