I found the party…

…and it’s from the Phillippines!  At the weekend we went to a cocktail and cake party. Officially a GENIUS theme for a party, my two favourite things combined!  It was a new bunch of people I hadn’t met before and it was really fun to meet new people.  The cakes were fantastic too – oreo and red velvet cake was my absolute winner.  We had a really good time but a lot of the talk was of the club we were heading for later.  Everyone was raving about it and to be honest Bond and I were mystified.  We had googled the place when we got the invitation and it looked like a total dive bar…still we wanted to be good sports so we ate our last bit of cake and downed the last of our cocktails and jumped in a cab.

club-seven-dubaiWe ended up at Club 7 – now if you live here you may already know it, if you don’t then let me offer you an insight.  It’s a really low key place with decently priced drinks, they even have these beer pump things (technical name of course) on the table. Now affordable drinks in Dubai are already a winner…but the real reason to hit Club 7 is the entertainment.  When I saw the stage I was intrigued by what we may be presented with and I was blown away by the talent we saw!  It was like watching ‘Britain’s got Talent; Philippines addition’.

First off we had a band, the voices on these girls are incredible!  Seriously I was in awe of them belting out chart toppers all while busting out some major moves.  Each member did great solos and they were all super talented.  The next act were a dance troupe – I had NO idea people’s bodies could even move the way these guys can.  It was incredible to watch, they body popped and flipped themselves around and had the most amazing control of their bodies.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  After they had finished another band came on who also proved to be fantastic.  They belted out some real classics and chart toppers and we were all really enjoying ourselves.  I was DESPERATE to dance so when people finally hit the dance floor I grabbed Bond and we threw some shapes…let’s just say that the dance troupe didn’t rush to hire us!  Still we had a lot of fun and soon our whole group were dancing.

We stayed pretty much till the club closed dancing and singing along and enjoying ourselves.  My feet were very sore the next day but it was totally worth it!  I had fun and I racked up a few thousand steps on my fitbit…a success all round!

Now to plot our next visit…


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