Ajman…amazing again!

ajman-sarayOn our first trip to the Ajman Saray we fell in love with the place and went back and loved it all over again.  So when Bond proposed a spontaneous weekend away back to this magical place for the third time I leapt at the chance!  I was hopping with excitement and danced and sang in the car while Bond drove, apparently this is preferable to my navigational and driving tips!  It’s only a 40 minute drive from where I live so an ideal spot for a quick staycation.

The second we arrived the luxury experience started.   We were greeted with champagne and a room upgrade to a fabulous suite with a sea view.  As we had skipped breakfast we decided to have a healthy and nutritious snack before heading to the spa, but then we realised what a silly idea that was and instead had milkshakes and split a cake.  The holiday was officially on!

feature-hot-stoneWe headed on up to the spa after gorging ourselves and were led to the couples suite.  The GOCO spa is totally beautiful and the staff are so lovely and relaxed that you feel instantly at ease.  Bond had convinced me to try a hot stone massage and my word am I glad that he did.  Even three days later I feel like a new woman with relaxed muscles and my neck is straighter.  Bond had the same treatment and said he felt rejuvenated too…so much so he was kind enough to buy me a beach dress in the spa shop!  I felt very spoiled and instantly wore it to go to the beach so I could show off my chic new look.

safi-restaurantThe rest of the day was spent enjoying the beach, swimming in the sea and having a cocktail at sunset.  We also watched a lovely couple celebrate their engagement and they were kind enough to share cake and wedding favours with us which was so lovely.  It was the start of many lovely moments the weekend offered us. Soon we went to dinner at Safi restaurant which was delicious.  The food is Japanese fusion and they have a buffet so you can try all sorts of different dishes.  I especially enjoyed all the sushi which was so fresh!  The Japanese pancakes were also delicious and Pom enjoyed his noodles a lot.  The cake section was also incredible and we tried every single one and practically rolled out of the restaurant.

After dinner we went to the bar where we had yummy cocktails and chatted away. It was so lovely to have so much quality time together as Bond has been working so hard recently!  It felt like we caught up on so much and also shared our thoughts and hopes for the future.

photo1jpgThe next day we started with a delicious breakfast before heading straight back to the beach where we enjoyed some fabulous weather. The sun shone brightly and I have even got a bit of a tan which is thrilling after many pale years in Dubai. Bond then managed to persuade me to go on a jet ski which turned out to be brilliant fun!  We fell in but we were laughing so much we didn’t care, although Bond did lose his cap to the Arabian Gulf sadly, still such things are replaceable!  On our return from our adventure the hotel were kind enough to give us cake and champagne to celebrate Bond’s new job.  It was so lovely of them and the perfect way to end our blissful stay.

uae-flagAs we drove away from our little piece of paradise I told Bond that it couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend and I can’t wait to go back.  If you live in the UAE or you’re looking for a mini break then I recommend the Ajman Saray, you will leave feeling like a shiny new person!


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