The next adventure

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After I finish at work next week I will rejoin Bond to work on our new Business which I can’t wait for.  Working on something I am really passionate about is a new experience for me.  After many years working just to have money coming in but not really getting any fulfillment it is wonderful to be working on something that I am proud of and that excites me.  I consider myself extremely privileged to be in this position and I am grateful to Bond for coming up with an idea that I could participate in and for his support of all I do.  He has allowed me to learn on the job as it were and it’s been fantastic.

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As part of our next step we have some amazing business travel plans that we have also managed to add some fun to.  First off New York for a huge conference.  Second to Washington for meetings with potential partners and then Ohio for some Rest and Relaxation in our happy place.

I already can’t wait for this trip – it can not come soon enough for us! New York is a city I have only been to a handful of times but I really enjoy it.  To me it’s like London but more intense and sparklier in an odd way.  Being from London it’s not that exciting to me but New York is new and thrilling, I feel a bit like I am cheating on my home city by enjoying it so much! This time we are going to stay at the Algonquin Hotel which has it’s own hotel cat, I can not wait to meet this feline, Hamlet! I am also looking forward to seeing old friends who live there and to meeting some new ones too.

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In Washington we are going to stay at the Mayflower hotel which looks great and is historic, it opened in 1925 and has been the site of many great events.  It’s down the road from the White House too so we should be able to see all the major sites on foot – always a plus for me as I love to walk to experience as much as possible. I am so looking forward to seeing all these places I see constantly in TV Shows, especially the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial.

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In Ohio we will stay with my family and play lots of games of pool while having cocktails and sharing stories.  For me this is always a fun way to spend time and see people I have a great time with! We always have a great time there!

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Then from the States a quick stop in Brussels before a week in London for another conference.  I am hoping to see my godson also and to see some other good friends.  Much as New York is a great love, London will always be home!


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