Boxes, boxes, boxes!

sunset ship boat sea

This is how long it felt for our boat to turn up! 

So on Tuesday 58 of our boxes arrived in Belgium.  It took a visit from the police, a crane a Belgian, four Brits (the two movers and us) a couple of cups of tea and some serious focus and within 3.5 hours we had ALL of our stuff in the right rooms, the boxes unpacked and all empty boxes taken away.  We were quite awe struck by the whole thing!

Despite the international travel only 2 things broke, Bond’s cafetiere and an ugly bowl I didn’t like.  So he gets a new toy and I got rid of a vile item.  A win I think!

Now we just need to organise our many things and put them away and tidy the flat so that it doesn’t look like a storage facility any more!  Should be a somewhat busy weekend!

It was so fun to come across all our things and relive some memories.  We are excited to do that this weekend again and finally get everything completely reorganised and sorted.

If you are ever moving then I recommend both our international Shippers ISS and our UK movers Greens.  Keith and Ed were hard working, polite and friendly.  They got so much done and NEVER once complained.

business cargo cargo container city

This is more accurately what it probably looked like!




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