LI decided to write this blog because a friend told me I wrote well…but I lack the confidence to write publicly and thought this would help me get over my fear.  A bit of anonymity goes a long way.

Since moving to Dubai I looked to the blogosphere as a way to learn about my new home.  In doing that I read lots of people’s blogs and learned the sort of things that made me want to read more; namely people’s interests and passions. So i thought i would follow the lead of my favourite bloggers and write about what makes me tick.

I love to make things – I sew and knit and always have a few projects on the go.  If I am home then I am usually not fair from a needle and thread of some description.  I also like to draw in my journal but I am not terribly good at anything beyond word art!

 I love to read and I will pretty much pick up anything and give it a try.  I thought it would be fun to have a record of everything I have read for me to look back on in the future and to also share the good and the bad of my book collection and get other people’s feedback.

If any one has any recommendations please share them with me!

2 sides





Food is always high on the agenda for me – whether I am deciding where to dine out or if it’s as simple as ordering in.

Sadly while i love to eat and make things…I simply can’t make good food! However I love reading food blogs and looking at recipes and thinking ‘hmmm could I maybe make that?’

As a new comer to a city packed full of awesome places to eat out and order to home I thought it would be fun to share great restaurant finds, take away options and also recipes with others. Who knows maybe some of you will make some of the delicious looking stuff I see and you can tell me if it’s as good as I think!  Also if any of you are in the UAE then please do share with me any where you think is good to go.

foodI find daily that new things pique my interest so I am hoping to share these thoughts and get other people’s opinions on the things I find out about in this great world of ours.


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