Let them eat cake

There are few texts more fantastic to receive than ones containing pictures of cake saying ‘pick one, my treat’!  Just such a wondrous thing happened yesterday when Bond stopped off at Cafe Bateel and decided I deserved a cake.  I am not sure why but I wasn’t going to question his magnanimous decision!

Cafe Bateel is best known for their dates but I had heard great things about their cakes. I used to dislike dates before moving here, but I was always taught ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ which has meant that in my new home I have had to embrace them. We get them as gifts at work and people often serve them at home and I hate to be rude and refuse.  Luckily I have eaten so many now that I love them, especially if they are stuffed with chocolate or nuts.  Seriously they are SO good so if you ever have a chance do try them.  Anyway I digress…this is meant to be about cake!

Bond sent me MANY options to choose from…which was not easy!

Eventually Bond decided for me and I got a Madagascan chocolate slab and a hazelnut and chocolate crunch slab and he got a pecan pie slab. I say slab because they are so dense and rich!

They were all really delicious, but they had a sort of date paste in them so if you don’t enjoy dates then be aware of that and check with them which ones don’t have it!  It was really a lovely treat and much needed after my car refused to start yesterday and my boss had to sort it out for me…Very awkward!

Now it is nearly the weekend here, perhaps there will be cake for all!  Happy Thursday every one!


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